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2 Great Places To Backup Your Personal Files

Backing up files is very important if we want to keep our data safe and secure, there are many ways to backup data though it used to be done on DVD’s and other various ways, of course DVD’s are not cost effective and you have to store them all in your home.

Let’s run through some great places to store your files and also the features they provide!


Dropbox has become a hugely popular service that supports mobile, android and other ipad. You are able to store absolutely and files on here including documents, pictures, audio and videos. Here are some great features.

  • Amazing security and encryption for files that are stored and being transferred.
  • Drag and drop support so you can quickly drag files right from your desktop into your dropbox folder, it will then be uploaded in quick times so they are safe and sound.
  • Applications available for iPad, Android, iPhone and more!

Google Drive

Google drive is also another great place to store files and also is free up to 15GB! This is a huge space and you won’t really use it up with files as you can store literally hundreds of thousands of documents with 15 GB.

  • Drag and drop facility if you download the application to your computer, just like dropbox!
  • Mobile phone support so you can access your documents from anywhere in the world using your iphone or blackberry.
  • Able to store in folders to keep a nice file structure going.
  • Easy to share out to other people by sending them the link via email (Google does this for you!), you are also able to share just a few files or an entire folder.

For Businesses

Both of these places are great to help you backup your files whether personal or for business, the other great thing is the sharing feature. I mean for myself I run a small company and use both of these services for two separate things.

I use Google Drive to share to my clients to let them view the finished files and finished work of theirs and I also use dropbox for my staff so they can complete the work, Once I have the work off them via dropbox I place it nicely into Google Drive for my clients to go in and collect their data.

You Can Also Buy

Both of these services you can upgrade too if you require more space, though I think Googles 15 GB is a huge amount of space for free! Dropbox on the other hand give you just 2GB so you may need to upgrade that but don’t worry this does not cost too much, 100GB will cost you just $9.99 per month.

I wanted to finish up this article by pointing out which of these two services were actually better than the other, but I can’t there are no faults to either of them, I guess it depends on your own needs and specifications.

Bio: Sophie runs her own Internet firm and uses these two services for client and staff side, she wanted to share her thoughts on using both of these services, she also uses to backup all of her files incase anything goes wrong!

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