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3 Reasons Your Marketing Department Needs More Videos

What is one of the most-sought and often-trafficked sites on the Web?  It’s YouTube, hosting millions of personal and commercial-oriented videos.  Decades ago, advertisers devoted funds toward newspapers, then radio marketing, a popular convention of the time.  Next, advertisers followed the behavior of the people, allocating ad resources toward televised means.

In the last decade, more brands have taken presence on digital platforms, using Web sites and social landscapes to make impressions on a public that has an affinity for them.  Platforms are wise to the behavior of the people; Facebook has separate options to create business pages for example.

Sites, such as YouTube, invite brands of all sizes to make multimedia impressions on target markets whether the latter party comes upon the former’s messages in a direct or indirect manner.  Consider the following three reasons your marketing department needs to place more focus on producing and leveraging videos.

Sensory Reception

Teachers work hard on preparing class lessons, understanding it’s not just the material addressed but how it’s presented that makes a difference on whether students retain information or not.  For example, a professor may be endowed with information related to World War I.  Unless an hour-long oration is complemented with pictures, notes or other kinds of media , students are likely to grow bored, not retaining as much information if any at all.

Marketers, like teachers comprising information for students, need to do their best in presenting information to targeted markets.  Therefore, smart marketers understand videos, stimulating a number of senses, make a better impact on onlookers, helping brands find way in consumers’ long-term memories. Marketers can now use services such as to download such videos from YouTube to use in offline setting.

Search Indexation

Content marketing gains in popularity amid current-day marketing.  It makes sense regarding numbers of opportunities.  It would be a better state of affairs to try seven times for a hole in one as compared to three.  The former endeavor hosts four more chances to succeed.

Each produced video invites another opportunity for search indexation, views of consumers, and potential sales.  It’s important to leverage meta tags, allowing search engines to better understand and index the information of a given page.  More videos, though value of production is integral, means more chances that a search engine will deliver a brand’s pages to service a consumer’s query.


In a number of industry services and products differ very little.  Imagine two tire vendors offering the same size, make, and model of tires.  Other than slight variations in price and location, the two brands may offer small differences regarding individual distinction.  However, executives and core personalities of each are not the same; expressing more personality creates a noticeable difference, distinguishing one brand from every other despite goods and services.

Make a grand impression on a target market using video to speak more directly.  Don’t hide behind a Web site or brick and mortar store; let present and potential consumers know who they are giving their hard-earned money to.  For example, a number of lawyers have begun using video; the intimacy of service demands continuous interaction between a lawyer and client.  Therefore, lawyers find the opportunity to express personality via video a huge business asset.

Make sure you remember to respect IP when using downloaded videos.

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