Marketing 3 Technological Tools To Help Build Your Company Brand

Published on December 6th, 2017 | by Anica O


3 Technological Tools To Help Build Your Company Brand

Branding is everything. Without a good brand, potential customers won’t know what your business is all about. Getting the word out there about your brand is not as easy as it once was. With heaps of competition in the marketplace, you’ll always need a leg up. Fortunately, there are a few tools that can help you to better build your business’ brand online.

Google Analytics

Today’s marketing world is all about having access to data. Thanks to the amazing leaps forward in technology over the last few decades, you can now pull up all the marketing data you’d ever need for your sites. The problem, as always, has been the ability of a business owner to do so in a useful and streamlined manner. While there are certainly dozens of tools out there which can help you scrap through every scrap of data out there, nothing quite beats Google Analytics

If you want access to everything Google’s collected about your site, this is the tool to use. Want to know if users are responding to your latest campaign? Interested in seeing if more people are coming to your site after you started that social media program? Google Analytics will tell you all that and more. While there are certain programs that present the information in a more visually appealing manner, nothing beats Google Analytics for scope.


Today’s customers are savvier than in the past. They know that companies market directly towards them and that they can’t trust everything they read. That’s why so many customers skip the usual marketing materials and go straight for those they can trust—other consumers. Online reviews continue to be one of the most important brand-building tools out there and having a good source of reviews available for your potential customers has become a must. OpenTell remains one of the best tools out there for getting customer feedback and connecting your customers with the review information they need.

OpenTell takes care of most of the problems inherent in review platforms. The tool collects review data in massive quantities, helping to eliminate the ranking power of just one or two reviews for a small company. It also makes sure that reviews are only posted by verified reviewers, eliminating those who would try to hurt your company while still providing consumers with information they can actually use.


You can’t build a brand today without some kind of social media presence. Unfortunately, it’s devilishly hard to make sure you can get all of the relevant information out there while still tending to your daily tasks. Unless you have a dedicated social media department, you’ll need to automate your social presence through the use of outside tools. When it comes to scheduling your media posts, Buffer is the best of the best.

Buffer is a fantastic app that allows you to connect to your social media profiles and schedule posts. While it doesn’t have all the tools available on the individual sites, it does feature some powerful analytics and a great scheduling calendar. It’s the perfect tool for those who know they need to get their social media posts up during the day but never quite have time. It’s just as robust as it needs to be to get the job done, but still easy enough to use that anyone can establish a good brand presence.

Building your brand online really is a combination of having the right information and the right tools. If you can build a brand worth following, the tools above will help you to spread the word. Once you’ve got eyes on your product, it’s your time to shine—you can let your brand take you the rest of the way towards success.

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