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5 SEO Strategies That Draw Traffic and Increase Sales

Millions of websites have been published on the Internet, so it is imperative to have strategies for getting your company’s website noticed. A digital marketing company can devise seo strategies, to increase the site’s search engine ranking and draw more traffic. Here are five strategies they may use to help your business to rise above your competitors, to generate leads, and increase sales.

Content Marketing Strategies

As the saying goes, “content is king” because it is what drives traffic to a company’s website. Web searchers seeking information on your business, or the products or services it offers, will use certain keywords to find what they want. A good SEO company will be able to find or create these keywords, which you can embed into the content on your website.

The content on a site should vary, so as not to overwhelm or bore visitors with a sea of text. While articles and white papers are important types of content, they need to be broken up with infographics, images, videos, or blog posts. Using various forms of content, and keeping it fresh, will help increase the site’s search engine ranking, making it easier for searchers to find the website.

Use Mark-ups

When coding your website, the webmaster should include mark-ups to communicate with search engines like Google about the content on the site. It can tell the search engine which image is the company’s logo, where the videos are located, your business location, which industry your company is in, and more. Including mark-ups can also help increase your site’s search engine rating.

Remove Duplicate Sites

Some companies may have duplicate sites, which can hurt their search engine ranking. If you search for your business and find more than one site with the same content, ask the company managing your SEO in Liverpool to remove it. The same goes for inactive pages on the website, if they are not necessary, they should be deleted, so as not to harm the efforts to drive more traffic to your company’s website.

Optimise for Mobile Searches

Research has shown approximately 80% of mobile phone users have a smartphone, and more than half of all internet searches are now conducted on mobile devices. This means you need to create a site which can adjust to any device being used to access it, whether it is a mobile, a desktop, or a tablet PC. A mobile-friendly website also provides a slight increase in the site’s search engine ranking, before any updating to the site is performed.

Share Content

The content added to your website should be shareable so you can link to it from your social media accounts. When followers are interested in reading blog posts, or watching videos about your business, or the products or services it offers, they will share content they find interesting or useful. Sharing content can generate more leads and boost your sales.

By working with an experienced SEO company, you can find new clients by driving traffic to your site using these strategies.

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