SEO Five SEO Tips for E-Commerce Sites

Published on May 26th, 2016 | by Alice Aires


5 SEO Tips For E-Commerce Sites

There are millions of websites vying for searchers’ attention in order to sell the products and services they offer. The best way to stand out among them is to have your website optimised in order to attract web searchers who are interested in purchasing the type of products your company offers. Here are five tips for using search engine optimisation techniques on your e-commerce website.

Use Quality Keywords

You can end up spending way too much for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads if you use the wrong search terms. Instead of using a general or broad term like ‘shoes’, you need to consider using long tail keywords that attract searchers who are closer to a buying decision. For instance, instead of using ‘shoes’ as your keyword, try using terms like ‘running shoes for women’ to find searchers who are ready to buy new athletic shoes.

Focus on Bestsellers

Instead of trying to focus your marketing efforts on every product that you have on your website, concentrate on your hottest sellers. Those are the items that will drive traffic to your site, so promote them and then add content on your site that draws attention to your other products. SEO companies like Ascensor can use search marketing techniques that focus on promoting your bestsellers to attract searchers to your company’s website.

Avoid Duplicate Content Issues

Having duplicate content on your site can hurt your search engine ranking, so you will want to avoid using product descriptions from manufacturers. In addition, since some products are going to have size or colour variations, the correct keywords need to be used to prevent duplicate content and to correctly identify the product. Always review the content on your site to look for duplication errors and have the content rewritten.

Hire Knowledgeable Designers

It is important to hire a web designer that is knowledgeable about SEO techniques, web analytics, and conversation rates to design your site. Ascensor has experts that can design your website and create a marketing strategy that will help drive traffic to your site to boost conversations. With their help, your site will see a continuous flow of traffic, because they will update it to keep the content fresh and improve your search engine ranking.

Use Link Building Opportunities

Your e-commerce site can help you create internal links, which will help with your SEO and search engine rankings. Focus on building a link architecture that will help web visitors search product categories to determine what your company has to offer, and make sure you optimise the categories with relevant keywords. It takes time and planning to build link architecture, but link building is one of the best ways to improve your search rankings to make your site easier for searchers to find.

There are many other ways to optimise your e-commerce site to promote your business and draw more traffic to it. Ascensor can build your e-commerce site and use searching marketing in a way that will sell more products and allow your company to become more profitable.


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