SEO 5 Simple On-Page SEO Tips from The Best SEO Agency In Delhi NCR

Published on January 16th, 2018 | by Ryan


5 Simple On-Page SEO Tips from The Best SEO Agency In Delhi NCR

Many people believe as soon as they have a website they would start ranking on Google on the first page for keywords. But this is not true. SEO is optimising your website not only for search engines but to provide a better user experience as well.

The Buzz Stand which is a SEO Agency in Delhi NCR, shares 5 tips which will definitely boost your rankings.

Optimize your titles, URL and descriptions

This is the first thing which a person should do. Optimising your title, URL and meta descriptions lets search engines and users know what the page is about.

Have a look at the example below

As can be seen when some searches on Google, your page could be understood through your title, URL and the description. This is why Google also gives importance to them in ranking algorithm

Provide useful and fresh content

Always try to have content which is engaging, useful, unique and interesting. This is the natural way of getting more visitors for your website. No other factor is as important as good content. It not only helps enhance user experience, but Google likes such content too. It can also be another medium of gaining some links through other sites.

Improve your website’s loading time

Page Speed now forms an important factors of search engine algorithm. According to Google, if a website takes more than 4 seconds to load, users are likely to get disinterested and therefore, it gives a weightage to this factor. But how can you improve website loading speed? This can be done by reducing the page size. Try to reduce the size of the images. Also, try to have browser cache, minify, gzip compression, render javascript errors and opcode cache. Try to have AMP pages for mobile, which reduce loading time for mobile sites considerably.

While providing our SEO service in Delhi NCR to our clients we always ensure that this is taken care off.

Implement Rich Results

Rich Results is the latest method added to provided enhanced experience to Google Users. Rich Snippets, Rich Content and Rich Cards have been combined under this. Example of rich result is ratings you see on search engines under the website or author details, date of publishing article, price of product etc. Adding Rich Results can enhance your user experience. Google likes it when websites implement their recommendations and therefore, ranks them higher.

Register your website with Google and Bing webmaster tools

This is one of the common mistakes which website owners don’t do. They create a great website, but they forget to register for webmaster tools. Registering has benefits. You can submit sitemaps and robots.txt file which helps in easy indexation of your website. You can track your websites, submit crawl details, check any errors on your site, see the keywords ranking and much more. You would have to go through the webmaster tools to explore the entire benefit for your website.

As a SEO company in Delhi NCR, we use the same SEO tactics to help our clients grow. I am sure they will be helpful for your business as well.

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