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5 Tips For Writing Better Ad Copy For PPC

Taking a pragmatic approach to writing ad copy for PPC advertisements can often yield better results than taking a more creative approach.  Often, people can find it difficult to separate the idea of writing engaging content and data-driven copy.  It is important to remember that the initial goal of writing PPC ad copy is to get an interested audience to your site.  Taking a systematic approach to PPC can help create and test a comprehensive and highly successful PPC marketing campaign.

Below are a few tips found via on how to write optimal ad copy for PPC:

  • Research Your Competition

It is important to recognize that direct competitors in the real world are different than direct competitors for PPC site traffic.  Businesses compete with similar businesses in many contexts for increased sales.  However, businesses compete with other businesses in the context of PPC for increased site traffic.  Look through the lens of PPC when doing preliminary research.  Think about what you are trying to accomplish and how you can create a unique niche and value proposition.

  • Find Your Niche

After finding out more about direct PPC competitors, identify a meaningful niche that is unique to your business and your PPC campaign.  Are your prices lower?  Do you offer a better product?  Do you offer a better experience for customers?  Find the niche or differentiating characteristic you want to promote, and start to build a little hype.  Instead of being just another vendor, be the go-to business for shoes, vacuum cleaners, vacation rentals, dining out, etc.  PPC ads can help create your brand’s identity before users visit your site.

  • Write a Superior Call to Action

Online searchers often see generic calls to action such as “Shop today!”  A great call to action can become a slogan.  Writing a great call to action requires forethought, creativity, and some trial and error.  A superior call to action should take a while to make absolutely perfect.  PPC ads are short and sweet.  Every word used when writing ad copy for PPC should have meaning.

  • Embrace Ad Extensions

Adding one or two ad extensions can be like having several ads in one.  Why not further maximize the allocation of resources?

  • Periodically Reassess Ad Efficacy with Ad Metrics

There are a number of different meaningful ad metrics.  It is important to identify which metrics are most important to your specific business.  Try a few different types of copy, and see which one yields the best results.

What Does a Pragmatic Approach to PPC Offer?

Many businesses lose money and resources with poor PPC campaigns.  All aspects of learning how to maintain a successful PPC management structure should make sense and be backed in research.  It is important to know what differentiates your business from competitors instead of guessing.  Similarly, it is important to know your ad metrics.  Writing copy is often associated with unbridled creativity, but PPC copy is not the same as writing a short ad in a newspaper.  Grab your audience before they see your website with an approach to PPC advertisement that is measurable, testable, grounded in data, and repeatable.  The nature of PPC is not likely to change in the near future.  Embrace using data-driven copy for optimal results.

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