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5 Tips That Will Make Your Web Design Services More Attractive To Customers

As a new web designer it can be very difficult to make a name for yourself in such a competitive industry. The key is to offer great quality to your customers, who will hopefully go on to spread the word about your amazing web design services to others. Whilst offering quality services is important, it is equally as essential to market your web design services in an attractive way that will catch customers’ attention and make them choose you over the millions of other web design agencies out there. In this article we will share five tips that will make your web design services more attractive to customers.

1. Focus on a Niche Area

Whilst you may think marketing your web design services to every business out there is the best way to maximise potential profits, it can actually be counterproductive. With the help of the internet, businesses literally have millions of web designers to choose from and if you are new, it is likely that they will choose a bigger and better established agency to work with. However if you were to specialise in a niche area, for example fashion websites, then that would be something that would make you stand out from your competitors.

2. Package your Services as Products

Sometimes when business owners visit web design agencies’ websites, all they want to see is an upfront price for their services. Most web design agencies are reluctant to provide this, as the price will usually depend on the complexity of the design and the time it will take to be created. Whilst you may not want to price your web design services upfront, it may be a good idea to package some of your services as products with fixed prices. For example, something like logo design or a website assessment could easily be given a fixed price. By seeing a fixed price for some of your services, business owners are more likely to get in contact with you as they will not automatically assume that your prices are out of their budget.

3. Present Yourself as an Expert

If a customer had the choice between two web design agencies, one which provided tutorials and educational information on their website and another that did not, it makes sense that they would choose the first provider. This is due to the fact that the first web design agency showed the customer that they were an expert in their industry. Rather than simply advertising your web design services to customers, provide educational material on your website that will show you know exactly what you are talking about. This will help you build up a reputation and give customers more confidence in your abilities as a designer.

4. Target Local Businesses

The internet has allowed us to communicate and work with businesses all over the world, so much so that we often forget about the local businesses on our doorstep. Whilst there is nothing wrong with working with businesses in other cities and countries, you could potentially maximise your revenue by working with local businesses. Today all businesses need websites and that includes your local beauty salon, vets and doctors surgery. Try marketing your web design services to businesses in your local area and see your customer base grow.

5 Tips That Will Make Your Web Design Services More Attractive To Customers

5. Offer Long-term Services rather than One-offs

If you work alone it can be hard splitting your time up between creating web designs for clients and finding new sales leads. The problem is that many web designers spend time chasing new leads, rather than utilising their existing client base. Remember web design is not just a one-off service, but something that can require on-going work. Keep in contact with your previous clients, maintaining your professional relationship with them so that next time they need some web design work doing, they think of you first!


Whilst making a name for yourself and growing your customer base can be difficult when you first set up your web design business, if you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to market your services better and make them more appealing to customers.

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