SEO 5 Top Reasons Why You Need To Know About SEO

Published on February 28th, 2018 | by Ryan


5 Top Reasons Why You Need To Know About SEO

The word “SEO” lately, has been gaining more popular especially among business and bloggers. There are a lot of things about SEO you probably have heard. This leaves wondering if there is any truth to everything you have heard.

This is the reason why I choose to educate interested individuals on the top SEO and why you should know more about it. SEO can play important roles in getting your business, brand to the spotlight.

A lot of people have questions or have encountered some challenges along their quest to get their CEO or managers to come on-board. A lot of managers and CEO still don’t believe in it, which is why convincing them might come with a lot of tussles, however, I hope this article helps you provide a better explanation and win them over.

All this and much more is what I plan on an address within this article.

SEO Is An Investment

I have decided to start with this. A lot of people view SEO as a cost, not an investment, which in fact is totally wrong. Trying to get more money in your pocket, you to review your SEO – web analytics data and look out for certain word or phrases called keyword with high conversion rate.  This keyword helps you rank higher in search engine result, that there is having money booming.

After having your SEO help you get on the first page of search engines result, where it is assured to get clicked can transform into a bigger investment than you thought.

For this reason, now, the world now view SEO with another perspective to be similar to real estate. If you haven’t seen a return from a webpage ranking on a first page, you should be prepared to be stupefied.

SEO Takes Your Sales Rocker Away From The Blind Spot

When it comes to SEO, there isn’t any off days’ work or call in sick. It is open all seconds on the day, no time off. It works without rest. It keeps your business open and calling your prospect to come on, make a purchase buddy!

You might actually look for an employee but you will never find any like SEO. It multitasks with errors or lagging, handle about a hundred of thousands of your prospect all at the same time, where do you think you can get a someone to do all that for so little price – SEO.

Search engine optimization gets your sales rock star massive attention, allowing your sales copy to be read and you call-for-action button clicked.

SEO is Never Too Expensive!

SEO is never expensive if you choose the right company. So, like humans, we take a lot of SEO companies look at them – the pricing and go for the least, this might seem like a smart choice but it isn’t. What would be a wise and smart choice is if you make further research and know why they actually charge close to twice their competitor. What makes this company so confident not to consider the pricing used by its competitor?

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To you, SEO is not a cost, but an investment. You should not be looking to cut cost but invest in the right company no matter the charges. The more expensive an SEO company can be the more its probability of helping your rank higher on search engines, achieve your financial goals and meet more of your prospect within a short period of time. Do you still think it is a cost?

SEO is really important

You have your website well-built and looking great, while you are admiring it, your consultant asks you to now invest money in search engine optimization which will enable you to get the spotlight.

SEO is really important because it makes search engines like Google understand what your business is all about. This information is what search engines will now use to decide if you should get the spotlight.

That method up there isn’t really going to get you that spotlight. This, however, will help you achieve that. SEO shouldn’t be called upon after your websites are all ready, it would be called upon why you building your website – website structure, content management system (CMS), URL syntax, and web design. When SEO and web development are mixed appropriately, your business is bound to get the spotlight.

Although if you started with the wrong step or order, you did have to fret much just hire an SEO consultant to help you rectify it. This will take more time, more effort and more expenses.

SEO Get Your Website Found

When it comes to getting an audience with your online perspective, your website is always the best platform where they get to quickly listen. This can help you generate more leads, get more prospects, attract new customers, partners or investors alike.

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But these benefit however appealing they are will not happen except your website get found. So this where search engine optimization really works day and night to give you massive return.
There is a popular misconception that SEO is all about getting the site ranked high in search engine result, have your site clicked and viewed. This is, in fact, dangerous and can be costly. Now, for an SEO to be effective it must be embedded in your business goals and strategies. You should be aware of who to appeal to your prospects emotions, that is what get your products sold after being found on search engine results.


Using SEO as a marketing strategy is really, really cool. It helps you build trust and credibility among your prospect. A lot of people believe those ranking high can be trusted and relied upon. That is what using SEO will offer you. However, it is left to you to make sure you write a compelling copy that makes your prospect fall in love with your product, business or website. Getting your prospect to become your client, paid subscriber, partner or investor is your responsibility.

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