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6 Useful Smartphone Applications For Everybody

In today’s modern age, smartphones are one of the most important technological devices which a lot of people rely on. With communication’s modern advancement, a lot of apps have been developed on smartphones that make a lot of things easier and more manageable. Also, businessmen and professionals use these gadgets for their work.

A smartphone is a popular wireless phone today. Aside from its advantage to communication, it also provides a lot of amazing apps. Anyone can download apps that they can use for almost anything; from cooking, studying, organizing schedules, entertainment, and even playing games.

Below are Six Smartphone Apps that are Perfect for Any Person:


Who would not be interested in knowing the day’s weather? Accuweather provides worldwide weather reports whether it is rainy, sunny, windy or snowy in other parts of the world. If you want to know the weather for the next fifteen days, the app can also provide you with forecasts. With this app, you will be informed about the weather for a particular date. You can then prepare for it.


Dropbox is a free cloud storage service that is accessible via laptops, computers, Android and iOS smartphones. This service is free. However, you will have to pay if you choose to avail of a 500GB additional memory. Whether you are a student or a business executive, you can store your photos, videos, audio files and other types of documents via cloud. And as long as you have an Internet connection, you can access them on any device using the Dropbox program.

eBook Readers

Who needs magazines, newspapers or books that takes a lot of space on bags and are heavy to bring around when you can avail of e-books? These days, e-books or electronic books are the latest trend when it comes to reading. In the past, only Amazon Kindle devices such as Kindle Fire HD could support e-books. But today, with the growing demands of consumers and gadget owners Amazon’s competitors introduced devices that can also read and open e-books.


When you are at school, at work, or on vacation, you will need something that will entertain you and make your free time more relaxing. Pandora is your personal radio station where you play songs that you love to listen to. You can create your own playlist or ‘station’ where you can save songs from your favorite artists per genre.


An app like this will help you with your business meetings, scheduled vacations and other events. If you are the kind of person who easily forgets dates and places, TripIt will help you organize your travel details. Once you have booked your flight or arranged your schedule, you can e-mail these to TripIt and it will automatically input the important details on your smartphone or tablet. You can even search for nearby restaurants, tourist attractions and even directions if you need to.


Like Dropbox, you can sync the files from your smartphone or laptop on Evernote. It is a digital organizer where you can input your to-do lists, record audio notes and a lot more. You can also connect this app with other applications such as FastFinga, Voice2Note and Twipple to sync your data with these different programs.

A smartphone can be your ideal gadget that gives you access to information wherever you go. Even when you are on a business trip, your phone will always come handy. Now, anyone can bring their business everywhere since it is possible to integrate their business phone system on their own device. There are a lot more apps that you will find useful. But for the meantime, why not give these six apps a try?

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