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7 Notebook Replacement Gadgets For Students

1. Papyrus

Note taking has never been made easy with the papyrus application. As a student who jots notes frequently and you feel tired of using your notebook, try the free papyrus application. It has an interface that resembles that of a notebook where your notes can be written with the use of fingers or a device stylus. It also allows you to insert images and transform or export notes into PDF. Its multi-color and multi-page interface will give you the satisfaction you deserve. This application is compatible with most Android phones.

2. Evernote

Have you been having challenges in storing images, texts and voice notes? Evernote is the answer to your dilemma. This one is a free application for all desktop and mobile operating systems. It allows the user to share notes with friends and colleagues in a social network like face book or Google plus. Using notebooks or tags, you will be in position to neatly organize your notes. One of the most striking features of this app is the compatibility that allows one to search tests embedded in images.

3. The Smart Pen [Infrared]

This ordinarily looking pen, also known as the ‘scribe pen’ is equipped with an infrared camera records everything written digitally. Whatever is drawn or written using this pen can easily be accessed on a computer. Furthermore, it also functions as a ‘Dictaphone’ that records notes and synchronizes them with the scribbles you make. Its OLED display interface shows storage and battery life. With this, you won’t dream of your notebook. More details about this gadget and others can be found in the PlayStation customer service.

4. Android Tablets

Tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab is handy and a very suitable table that can substitute a notebook. It can be carried in any kind of bag or pouch but has enough capacity to perform tasks done by notebooks.

5. Writing Pad s with LCD

One of the most top notch replacements for paper notepads is the LCD writing pad. The pad is a writing tablet allows one to scribble on the display by use of a stylus provided and can save up to 200 pages in the internal memory. At the touch of a button, you can erase the contents on the screen after the files have been successfully stored. It is one of the simplest gadgets to use, saves paper and allows transfer of stored documents to a personal computer through the USB Port.

6. The Cam-Scanner

The cam scanner is an example of a document scanner that allows you to photograph contents on any piece of paper, documents and notes on a whiteboard using the phone’s camera. The image photographed can then be saved as a PDF Document. It further allows a student to upload the documents scanned to a Dropbox or to Google Drive. When the scanning has been done, the application puts a watermark on the documents that were scanned. It should be interestingly noted that the app is available for the iphone operating system and android.

7. The ‘Circle’ Application

This application is available for android and iphone operating systems. Getting in touch with class mates has never been made easier with ‘circle’. The application keeps track of location, informs you of the close proximity of your friends thus making you to be able to know where your classmates are and what they could be doing. Once you have tracked your friends, you can use the application for sending them a message that will be delivered to their Facebook inbox. In case they are taking notes in class; they can use the cam scanner to forward for you the same notes.

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