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A Comprehensive Guide To Webcasting

“Webcasting” may be defined a simple presentation of an event or a happening or a meeting done over the internet. In simpler terms, it means broadcasting of the information over the internet in both audio and video formats.  It enables to build a constant connection between the client and the business organizations or groups. This information is distributed either by live or as and when required, known as the live streaming or on demand.  Of late due to the emergence of low-priced and accessible technology a lot of independent media has entered into the internet in order to take advantage of the modern day technology advancements.  Webcasting is more frequently used by those customers who have an eye to concentrate on their business for varied reasons like increasing sales, increasing the number of clients and customer database to name a few. In this process a lot of communication takes place between huge organizations, customers and the clients.  However, it is imperative to gain a complete know-how, have abundant information and knowledge in using it successfully to yield better results and success.

The Streaming History of Webcasting

Webcasting was firstly introduced in the year 1989, in the New York City. The first time use of this live streaming technology was done by Apple’s computer group. Today webcasts are being used more frequently by all kind of users as it enables a viewing contentment for those individuals who choose to telecommute than to attend the event or show. There is a rapid increase in the popularity of the growing webcasting technology. The streaming media has been providing the companies an additional way to present their media presentation content either by offering the live streaming on demand or either by providing the content, live.

This software also works as a virtual conference where individuals can deal with business, online through live streaming. Benefits provided by the webcast software solutions are

  • It reduces the expenses involved in meeting and coordinating
  • Gradual increase in the productivity that runs the business smoothly
  • There is scope for better viewers
  • It acts as a Time saving software
  • Builds better customer relationship that in turn strengthens the brand image
  • Easy and cheaper way to launch a product or a new service offering
  • Considered to be less expensive than the satellite radio and television marketing
  • The output can be to a larger and small group of audiences in various locations at the same time.
  • It can also be viewed on mobile phones, especially the smart phones and computers anywhere needing a minimum requirement of internet connectivity
  • These live streaming videos are also recorded in order to be easily accessible to the required number of audiences when demanded by them.

It is advisable and recommended to get in touch with the reliable audio-visual technicians as it requires a high level of technical expertise. Having said that, it is typically required in order to make the software run effectively and also provide the customers with the best viewing quality as these are viewed by unlimited number of customer on a day to day basis.

In order to run the media presentation smoothly in an effective way, an individual has to follow a few guidelines.

  • Before the start and before targeting the audience it is essential to be well aware of the webcasting technology so as to attract the right type of customers.
  • Various technical requirements like the equipment, the internet infrastructure availability, cameras and a highly equipped video mixer.
  • There needs to b a constant check on the equipment and the programming of this software in order to  maintain the high quality levels while live streaming
  • It is an essential feature that the viewers are constantly engaged through encouraging them to interact with one another in the most convenient way.
  • It aims at receiving maximum amount of feedback from the online viewers.

A multitude of companies have been using the streaming media as an important and essential marketing tool to promote their respective distribution channels. This however involves high innovation and many other multi-media live streaming web sites in order to subsidise major part of their promotional activities. Webcasting can be summed up with various other broadband usages in order to speed up the process and that in turn will gain more popularity and thrust.

Various Categories under Webcasting Include:

  • Audio webcasting
  • Conferences
  • Online video
  • Live video broadcasting
  • Online meetings
  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual meetings
  • Marketing
  • Streaming live technology
  • Self-service webcasting
  • Categorized and uncategorized streaming
  • Interview
  • Educational streaming
  • Consultation streaming
  • Video streaming
  • Broadcasting for life
  • Talk point broadcasting


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