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All You Need To Know About The Kik Messenger Application

Kik application is a recent introduction in the communication app industry.  Since its launch, it has been giving a tough competition to other popular chat messenger applications. Offering the best level of security and robustness, Kik offers a wide range of exciting features to the people.  There are several facts of this app that every kik users must know.

What is Kik Messenger app?

Kik messenger application is available to be used on mobile and PC. When used on PC, it allows users to use your local Wi-Fi connection or mobile data to send texts via email. These assist users to indulge in free of cost, unlimited and interrupted communication to any Kik user located at any place in the world.

Apart from standard texting, Kik provides its user with a facility to send and receive interesting stickers, multimedia audio and video, sketches, web pages and animated graphics instantly. With a fully integrated and easy to use Gif keyboard, one can also send gif images to enhance their chat experience.

Kik app developers have put a lot of effort in making the entire communication on this application safe, secure and private. With plenty of amazing chat options like one to one or group based interaction, Kik chat app is considered to be the most outstanding and preferred chat app among teenagers and youth.

This social networking app makes it possible for people to remain touch with their loved ones every time. It’s easy to download and usage, fast speed and light weight structure are what makes it the most alluring application. For new users, learning about this amazing Kik application will be useful. To know all about Kik statistics, you can visit the Kik website.

Facts about Kik app

  • Kik is the most popular application among tweens. Its popularity can easily be known by looking at the number of its users. Over the years, this figure has crossed the mark of 100 million users. Every day this application receives around 275,000 sign-ups.
  • To make this application simple, easy and convenient to be used by users, this app has simplified the way users interact with each other. This is one of the features that separate it from other chat applications. Where other chat apps use the phone number for communication, Kik uses the username for the communication. This is one of the ways that not just ensures the privacy of the user but also a tricky username prevents receiving unwanted communication from people.
  • All the communication that happens over this application is encrypted and secured. This prevents any other Kik member to access the conversation of any other person. Deletion of chat records is easy.
  • Kik makes it mandatory for users to be at least 13 years of age to be able to use this exciting chat application. Though, experts have not observed any way of age verification on the website. Kik also does not contain any parental controls.
  • Kik provides a deactivation option to the users as well to their parents. If any parent figures out that they kid is not eligible to use this application, then they can use this facility to restrict its unethical usage. They are required to fill a request form for deactivation for the account. This application will be used by concerned Kik professionals to do the necessary processing.
  • Kik has an inbuilt web browser that helps you visit websites and check your other social media accounts while you are in the app.

Supporting different types of popular operating systems, Kik Messenger has been popularly accessed by people on both mobile phones and PC.

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