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Android and iOS Await Remote Desktop Apps From Microsoft

Guess Microsoft is all equipped to start a war with its old good virtualization partner Citrix!! Yeah, you are hearing the truth because it absolutely seems that way only. Taking into facts about the company’s statement that was done on October 7 2013 we can clearly be justified about the war between Microsoft and Citrix. The idea of rolling out latest remote desktop apps for iOS and Android devices was the news that was announced by Microsoft on Monday.

When the new Remote Desktop apps are released Microsoft will be endowing with access to the virtual desktops on almost the whole thing ranging from Windows and Windows RT, to Android, OS X and iOS. The Remote Desktop apps include a refurbished version of the almost 2 year old Mac Remote Desktop client. The main advantage will be the possibility that the users can now be able to connect from their iOS or Android devices to Windows Servers and Windows to work with files and applications stored in their smart device.

Michel Roth, most valuable professional from Microsoft for the desktop services said that these remote apps are “a pretty big deal” this means that the remote apps are not something simple that could be developed and put on the markets over night. This has been under construction and development for quite a while now. Soon, it is going to launch for the Android and iPhone users and hope this would be a great technology on mobile application development.

From this invention we can be certain of how much Microsoft is encouraging and serious about BYOD i.e. Bring Your Own Device. Now this can be done by desktop virtualization. Furthermore, from Roth’s blog post regarding this new technology we can find that the new remote clients are neither basic nor the version 1 as everyone expects. He also specifies that the iOS Remote Desktop app will be supporting iOS version 6 and 7 and the Android one is expected to support at least the Ginger Bread (v 2.3). Furthermore, the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) level on these new apps will be RDP 8.1 which means the users will experience all the righteousness of RDP 8 will be retained here also.

Remote Desktop always was one of the major and classy apps in the Windows Store among the Windows RT and Windows 8 users. However, the licensing obligations for these apps are multifaceted. Supporting back-end infrastructure and client-access licenses are necessary to make Remote Desktop App work both on Windows and non-Windows devices.

However Microsoft officials didn’t mention much about the forthcoming Remote Desktop apps for Android and iOS devices, which is supposed to be delivered alongside the Windows Server 2012 R2. It is supposed that the apps will be available for download from the respective application stores for Android and iOS by later of this month. In reality, the entire journalist attending the press release just got a single sentence mention about this.

Additionally, the gloomy part is that the Microsoft has not yet enclosed the details about licensing and pricing specifics for the latest Remote Desktop clients. The next dismal is that there is no official announcement about the desktop client for the Windows phone users. Time to lay our hands on the Remote Desktop App for iOS and Windows are not far away. Let the wait begin.

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