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Android Market Is Not Available For UAE Users – Why?

Many of the smart phone users are upgrading themselves by buying new devices, upgrading OS, changing brands and what not. However, as a new smart phone user, many prefer to buy an Android. Well, buying an android is an excellent option. As a user what you do is just go in to a Xperia or Galaxy store and then buy a high end gadget and then start using it. All is well till here. There is nothing weird as of now. However once when you lay your hands on the awesome and smooth touch screen of your device, you will feel the drawback.

First and foremost, you won’t be able to find an App Store from Google in your device. If you think that it is ok and you can download one from the online market place then in that case you are again fooled. This is because secondly, there is no download option in the app store for any app. You might be perplexed, awestruck and taken aback. That is when you rush to Google and search for the remedies or fixes.

You would have done till this step and that’s why you are ended up in this page. Well the reason for this drawback or problem is that the fact that the Android Market is not supported in the UAE. This is owing to the actuality that Google has not had the essential concords and contracts with the regulatory bodies as yet.

Due to this UAE mobile app development companies are heavily disturbed and depressed. This is because android app development is one of the trendiest and fast earning businesses but with android market not available in their home turf it is really disheartening news for UAE mobile app development companies.

However, in response to the complaints filed by the various android device users from UAE, Google has responded stating thattheir goal is to build a trustworthy marketplace wherein the rules are obvious to users and also to the developer. The process of interact interacting (for e.g. refund policies), and that guards users’ gadgets and the shared network from misuse or exploitation. At present, Android Market is accessible in dozens of nations and the Google team is working hard to commence in other countries as well.

Therefore if the android market is not available in your country then you must wait until the product is released until then your gadget manufacturer might provide you an alternate option such as Slide Me is provided for Xperia phones.

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