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Apple iPad Air 2 The Revolutionary Innovation: Overview

iPad Air 2 stands out among the entire line of Apple tablets and smartphones that got 2 GB of RAM And yet the latest triple-core 64-bit processor Apple A8X 1.5 GHz and graphics PowerVR G6650. Also on the tablet there is a worth a coprocessor that handles data accelerometer, compass, and barometer. In the basic version, the user has 16 GB of memory. The model with 32 GB now abandoned, so here are 64 volumes and 128 GB. Memory cards slots are not present as traditionally.

Old iPad Air was difficult to accuse of a lack of performance, but still there were problems. Switching between demanding applications or page in a browser causes a reboot sites. Now this is not the case, and iPad Air 3 tablet demonstrates that a doubling of the amount of RAM increased productivity. Became more comfortable to watch streaming video in high definition, you can flip through websites arbitrarily fast, and scaling pages running smoothly.

The main thing that is distinguishing the novelty in the work is to switch between applications. The tablet allows you to simultaneously keep open Safari loaded with a dozen pages – and several other no less demanding applications. For example, while working Dead Trigger 2 and Real Racing 3, and switching between all programs in turn does not require a restart them, which distinguishes iPad Air 2 from the older generations.

With all the games are still excellent. The speed of running applications between Air and Air 2 differs slightly, but still it is. Another thing is that 2-3 seconds in practice little to influence and productivity applications directly from the download speed is independent.

Touch ID has become one of the key features of the iPad Air 2. Not only that – it allows you to immediately identify a new model. This useful feature is the guarantee that no one will be able to see the personal data that is stored in the tablet. Fingerprint scanner came to the iPad Air 2 from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which uses a more advanced sensor than 5s, so it is not really a new innovation in the market, but it is in Air 2 of its work was the most convenient. In the settings you can save up to 10 fingerprint scanner works very precisely, and recognition takes place virtually instantaneously. Customizable features a snap – just follow the on-screen instructions clear finger touching mechanical buttons. The operation takes not longer than 2-3 minutes, after which the data will be under reliable protection.

Sound in the headphones is loud and of clear quality. But since there is not a set of headphones, the user must take into account this point, and to acquire their own. Despite the fact that they are easy to cut off the hand during a game or viewing a video, in practice, such a problem does not arise.

No doubt, Apple has brought us something revolutionary and outstanding in 2014 that is Apple iPad Air 2 and similar things has been rumored for Apple iPad Air 3 but in more advanced way.

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