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Ashes 2009 Review – The Best Ever Cricket Game

This is one of the best cricket games developed till now, although this is old but it offers a complete pack of options which a cricket lover would like to see.  The poster above is a scene from a game which clearly gives an indication of excellent graphics offered by the game. Only a few things which may be a result of a mistake from developers, that there are few bugs and glitches which sometimes during the gameplay make the game freeze for a while. This game was expected to get 100% ratings but it got little less from expectations because of some minor errors in the game. Now let’s take a look at the “Ashes 2009” full review..

Reasons to Play this game:

  1. It offers excellent graphics within demand of low specs and runs on a smooth frame rate.

  2. Multiplayer gaming with online players.

  3. Easy controlling with much modes of playing

This game further offers four types of gameplay options which includes Ashes Series, Test Matches, 20-20, and ODI. Its settings are customizable and controls are user friendly. Ashes Series in the game gives the dedicated fans a chance to play out entire series just like in real time and take their team to victory. The matches between User and the CPU are the best for challenge lovers and also sometimes become so frustrating because of the difficulty level.

The online matches with other players are much fun but it is sometimes is difficult to find an online player. Once the match has started then there are no bugs and glitches, it runs smoothly.

Real-time and dependable bowling is the key in every game of cricket. Well in the Ashes 2009 the developers have made an excellent bowling options, bowling controls here are simple to understand and may vary with difficulty level of the game. For great bowling experience you just have to put your cursor on the bowl speed level, then select the ball type and let the player come closer to crease. When the time comes to throw the ball, you have to hit the button to stop the meter/speed button to throw the ball at desired speed. If you will not hit the button on right time it could be result as a no ball/white ball.

Batting experience of the game is also great, unlike other cricket games it has added up with several features which can be difficult to resist by a cricket lover. Now you can always maintain the confidence level and stamina level of your player to make him a good hitter in the march. Organizing the player positions, batting orders are also added up features. Controls of batting are also simple like bowling, you just have to mainly control your directions of hitting with fwd, right, left and down button with one or 2 buttons press at a time for the kind of the shot. E.g if you want to hit a long shot than press the direction button with your customized button when the ball arrives.  Now I will end this article with some of the reviews from other sources.

Clear faces which resembles with real players a lot.

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