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Attract New Customers with Unique Promotional Products

If a business wants to make money, it should be willing to give away a few things for free. This practice of giving away promotional items has been around for a long time and businesses know the value of it. If you also want to attract new customers, one of the best ways to do it is by giving away potential customers free items that bear have your company’s name and logo.

Here are some promotional products you can think about before starting your promotion campaign:


Promotional apparel may not be a cheap option, but it has great potential to promote your business and attract new customers. Your aim should be to give away apparel that is popular with people. So stay away from hats and embroidered shirts. Instead opt for t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. These are items that people will wear and advertise your business over and over again. Opt for high-quality clothing that last long and the cost can be offset against its long use-life.

Office Supplies

People use certain office supplies nearly every day at home and work and these are the supplies you should be looking for as a part of your promotion campaign. Pens, notepads, mouse pads and sticky notes are things that people use on a daily basis. Print your company’s logo and telephone number on these items. While you may not get a phone call immediately, in the long-run you can expect to hear from people who use these products. Other items to think about include daily planners, calendars, folders, clipboards and pencils.


Coffee mugs are also great way to promote your business. People will use them at their workplace and home. You can print your company’s name, logo and contact number on the mugs. Other items that you can use for promoting your company include napkins, coasters, sports bottles, travel mugs and drink insulators.


People need bags to carry their stuff. So using bags to promote your company is a great idea. Put your company’s name and logo on the bag is more than sufficient. Today, people have become aware of the importance of going green and are not making a concerted effort to reduce their waste. So by giving away bags with your company’s and logo, you can highlight your concern for the environment and also provide people with a useful item that they can put to good use.

Sports Gear

Did you know that placing your company’s logo on a golf club is a good form of advertising? Well, sports gear and items are a great way to spread the word about your organization. This of items like golf clubs, golf balls, tees, sunglasses, caps, plastic drink bottles, stubby coolers and metal bottles. You can also use items, such as golf towels, golf bags, sunscreen and lip balm, to advertise and promote your business.

You can run a smart and effective advertising and promotion campaign by using unique promotional products. This will not only help you to spread the word about your business, it also will attract new customers and create brand awareness and recognition.

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Ryan is the owner of a corporate promotional product store. He is also a consultant on promotional products and offers his services to big and small organizations and helps them select the right products for their advertising needs. His store offers many unique corporate promotional products, with the promotional mugs  being the most sought-after product.

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