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Published on March 14th, 2014 | by Alice Aires


Best Useful Gadgets For Travellers 2014

Gearing up for the trip ahead: Whether you are taking a road trip into the neighbouring state or flying in a transatlantic airliner across the vast waterbody, you will need to have an assortment of technology at hand so that you can keep yourself connected, organized and powered up for the entire journey. The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas takes the city by storm by each year and January 2014 was no different. Glitzier, greener and smaller, the week-long extravaganza showcased an array of exotic gadgets that each traveller would love to have in his inventory.

Best Gadgets for Travellers:

Be it the mother of all gadget chargers or come-hither cameras, these awesome travel gadgets for the year will definitely help in making each of your journeys that much sweeter. Although all of the products are yet to hit the stalls, it is advisable that you lie in anticipation of their arrival.

• Sony FDR-AX 100 4K Handycam Camcorder:

What is that one thing that can outsmart even a smartphone capable of shooting a full video in 1080p resolution? Introducing the first hand-held camcorder in the world that can shoot in 4K, a standard for televisions that is currently top-of-the-line. Subsequently, at a resolution that is four times higher than standard HD, you get more realistic details in the lavish panorama shots when viewed on either a 50-plus inch TV or a Vimeo.

• Mophie Space Pack:

One of the latest in terms of essential items for your travel arsenal is the Space Pack from Mophie. Not only does it double the lifetime on your iPhone battery but you are also provided with a greater storage space for all your data, be it tons of snaps that you take on your vacations or multiple movie options for your nineteen-hour long flight to Sydney. There is a companion app allowing seamless integration with photo galleries and iTunes so that you can manage and access any file that you may have downloaded from your email, whether it is a movie or a simple text document.

• Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2-inch Tablet:

The Galaxy NotePro features a massive 12.2-inch screen that is larger than the 9.7-inch screen on the iPad Air. This is the ideal choice for avid road warriors and in-flight movie watchers who can’t afford to keep themselves unplugged while on a vacation. With the bigger screen you get more benefits such as more space to doodle with, take notes and post comments using the S pen. Also, the multi window feature allows you to work simultaneously on four different apps.

• LaCie Fuel:

Before heading out on vacation the biggest challenge you are faced with is to synchronize enough of and the right kind of movies to your iPhone, iPad or laptop. The 120GB of space that is offered by the biggest of iPad Airs is not always enough for storing an entire season of your favourite TV series, available in full HD. With 1TB of storage space on offer at a sandwich-like size, you can leave out all your planning guesswork with the LaCie Fuel in hand. It is capable of storing no less than five hundred movies, all of which you can stream simultaneously on as many as five different devices.

Canon Powershot N100:

Do you feel like you are not getting enough of the photos you take on vacation? The N100 PowerShot from Canon features a nifty Dual Camera with which you can simultaneously shoot images using both your front and rear cameras. There is also a Story Highlights Mode which makes an automatic chronological compilation of your videos and images thus saving you the hassles. It features a sensor that is far bigger and better than what is available on any smartphone, allowing images of a higher quality to be generated. Moreover, with the pivoting screen you are able to make underhand and overhead shooting without compromising on the ease and precision factors.

• Sekonix DLP Pico Keychain Projector:

This is the smallest projector in the world and has a size that is no larger than a tea sandwich, making for an unobtrusive fit into any handbag or pocket. Nevertheless, it is capable of projecting the videos of your vacation or movies onto all flat-surfaces in impressive resolution of DVD-quality. Simply plug it into your tablet or smartphone or make a USB connection with your PC and in no time, you will be ready to sit down and enjoy your favourite movie.

• Sony Xperia Z1S:

After upgrading its flagship Xperia in 2014, Sony has delivered what is arguably the best Android-based camera phone available in the market at present for adventurers. With a BIONZ image processor and 20.7-megapixel camera, you will get colourful and clear images even with shots taken in low-light. Apart from being waterproof, there is also a dedicated shutter button with which you are allowed to shoot underwater as well.


If your idea of a proper family vacation is to tour on a personal vehicle, you will be required to produce your driving license for hiring a vehicle. In case you do not possess a valid driving license, contact the concerned authorities to book driving test and get necessary license and approval before leaving on your tour. Don’t forget to carry your travel gadgets along so that you can relive the happy memories time and time again of what is sure to be an amazing family vacation.


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