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Best Website Builders: Web Designing Made Easy

In simple terms, website builders are the tools and programs that come into play while developing a website. Website Builders can be categorized into two distinct groups. These are:

  1. Online Proprietary Tools: These tools are provided by professional web hosting companies which facilitate users in designing and developing privately owned websites. Using these tools, users can also create pages, offline, and then publish them on any hosting server.
  2. Website Designing Software Programs: These software programs are commonly available over the internet for download as freeware or for minimal costs. They may not be as professional as online proprietary tools, but still, are handy in developing a decent website design.

How to Identify a Fine Website Builder?

The criteria for competent website builders vary among different customers, depending on their needs. For example, a client wanting an e-commerce site will have different needs than the one who wishes to design an information-based web page. Similarly, a customer requiring a business-oriented site won’t  a ask for creative or overly dynamic pages, rather something decent and formal.

However, the basic criterion on which the client grades different website developers is the same:

Range of Templates Available

More than 90% of the customers employ website builders, just because they don’t wish to start the work on their website, right from the scratch. A good website builder should offer a range of templates to customers, such that the latter no longer need to decide on the color palette of the webpage nor other design basics.

Information can be added to the template and tweaked, according to customers’ needs. Top website builders have with them attractive templates that make the job of creating web pages, quite simple.


Website builders need to be user-friendly and consumer-centric. One way of assessing the effectiveness of the website developer is to use the trial version, before actually buying the entire package.

Customer Support

No matter how efficient the developer may be, there will be problems at one stage, calling for expert assistance. A good website development tool company has a responsive support team who is available for its customers, 24/7

Best Website Builders

Keeping in view, the above mentioned criteria, following are some of the best website development tools available:

  1. BaseKit

BaseKit offers a W3C code compliant with Photoshop file as a design template. The Photoshop tool is loaded with features like RSS feeds, Twitter feeds and YouTube videos along with text tools. It creates visually engaging and functional websites, and is largely, consumer-centric.


Wix is a premium online web designing platform that allows its customers to develop professional HTML5 websites, customized Facebook pages and mobile sites. The site provides a drag and drop tool which makes the daunting task of web development, very easy. More information and reviews on Wix can be found at

  1. Yola

Yola is for all those who have limited knowledge and expertise in web development. It makes life of the designers, very easy and equips them with widgets, without having to acquire any HTML knowledge.

A well-designed website makes a positive impact on any business. Hence, it is essential that the right tool is used in the development process.

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