News Breaking The Boundaries – How Web Designers Are Challenging The Norms Of The Industry!

Published on December 26th, 2017 | by Ryan


Breaking The Boundaries – How Web Designers Are Challenging The Norms Of The Industry!

Web designing is more than a profession, it is an art, to say the least!

Web designers transform their imagination to reality and in doing so, they frequently need to break away from traditional rules set in the industry.

It isn’t always an option to break away from the rules and you need to keep the order of other aspects in order if you are to experiment with getting away from designing boundaries.

The ultimate goal for any break-away graphic design should be keeping the interface clean and simple. Once you are able to keep the other variables in check, you can wander in the wilderness of broken boundaries, odd geometric shapes, and overly sized elements.

Here’re some break-away designs trending now:

1. Boundless Text

Back in time, there was a strict compliance rule to put in the right place each and every element. Today, there is no such compulsion!

More and more designers are breaking away from the normality of position and placing elements wildly across the planes. This isn’t the most comforting idea (it can go horribly wrong) to interchange the position of elements, however, the wilderness and asymmetry of elements bring a unique and subtle theme to the overall design.

Today, the boundless text design is taking elements crossing into multiple containers. For instance, you will come across various web designs where text layers overlap to images and backgrounds.

Such designs can be used avidly for all cartographic variations, images or videos. The only variation here is the high contrasting text that stands boldly against background elements, this is crucial to text readability. Such graphic designs are highly engaging as they offer users an expected element to get engaged with.

2. Real Life Objects

Overly sizes elements have been in use for long. However, today we are seeing an increasing number of graphic designs overly sized to enthrall and engage users with an unexpected element.

To be honest, overly sized elements are fun and offer plenty of room to detail images involved.

Ok, it might be fun but it isn’t the easiest of thing to do. You need the right larger than life image to be able to fully utilize the effectiveness of the technique.

Overly sized objects also offer an avid platform for logo design, as you can add plenty of detail to them.

The one consideration in this technique is creating the right balance. Designing an overly sized object element needs plenty of space and supplementary balancing elements, or the object will be too odd or jarring to feel. Just yesterday I saw an overly sized Auckland graphic Design company and it was void of any balancing elements. The design seems too visually obsessive to say the least.

3. Hollow Shapes :

Recently, we designers have grown in love with the use of hollow geometric shapes and patterns. These are fun elements, which can essentially be used to create a focal point. Asymmetrical geometric shapes and patterns can also be used to create a homogenous feel for the entirety of the project.

The only consideration here is the unusual appearance of the shape. In order to get the attention of visitors, designers have to come-up with a unique and standout object element to literally inspire visitors at first sight.

Final Word:

Today, designers are challenging the boundaries of traditional web design approaches. Feeling too congested within the set rules and principals, they have started to break-away from normality, giving rise to unique and extraordinary design elements in the industry.

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