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Busting Cloud Myths that Do Not Seem to Leave the IT Minds

Right now, the IT world is witnessing the wave of cloud computing hype. This hype is so high that it seems as if a new cloud product or tool is enticing a new business unit almost every day. Further, it seems that the cloud has become the core of all vital tech debates and discussions, right from job creation to firm collapse. Such a widespread actually has lead to several false expectations and concerns due to which the firms engaged in management cloud computing are susceptible to making wrong bad decisions about this revolutionary technology. In order to help prevent this wrong decision making, it is wise to explore these myths about the cloud. Another benefit of doing so will be to obtain better comprehension of the basic concepts as well. Here are those myths that are still prevalent in the minds of business experts and act as bug hurdles.

Developing a Cloud System is a Task of Several Months.

No longer now! In reality, the task of developing a cloud takes only some days due to the highly beneficial and swiftly working tools introduced by the open source community. These tools are aimed at accelerating the process of cloud deployment, right from installation to configuration and from creating to scaling of services. People also believe that new hardware is required for deploying cloud systems. However, even this is not true. The ideal cloud solution can be deployed on the existing X86 platform for boosting server performance. In addition, it is also possible to transform the old servers into extra network nodes for improving the processing speed.

Security Wise, Private Cloud is Preferred More than Public Cloud.

Business units tend to assume that private cloud is more secure than a public one. Although this can prove to be true, it is finally just like any other system that it is susceptible to manual errors and bad maintenance. The above assumption holds true only if you exclude the susceptibility factor. However, in reality, you cannot ignore that factor because it is a genuine one to consider. Your final choice from the two should depend on more criteria; not only the criterion of security.

IT Worries are Now Zero with Cloud Computing

This is one of the most common myths that cloud customers have, especially the first-time users who then face a lot of troubles. What most beginners do is that they excitingly move their applications or servers to a cloud environment and believe that everything will be taken care of automatically, right from backups to updates. Well, this is not at all true. In fact, cloud platforms providers such as Rackspace have been notifying their users that the cloud servers are not configured with automated backups due to which a manual effort becomes indispensable.

Public Cloud is Cheapest Means for Delivering IT Services

This is not always true, especially when you compare it with an internal IT infrastructure in some cases. According to the cloud experts, enterprises can alleviate expenses by leveraging other models, such as private cloud for hosting frequently needed resources.

Bio: Frank Chewning is an engineer in one of the honored IT firms in San Francisco, which is well admired for its dynamic cloud-based enterprise solutions. He has gained a diverse experience of over six years in the field of enterprise software solutions. Frank is proud to work with several types of cloud n models as well as tools. Right now, he is concentrating on management cloud computing strategies by conducting an in-depth researching on the related topics. He is much eager to do so because he is about to obtain a new project on the same within a month. 

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