Marketing Can Tweeting Really Help Your Business?

Published on May 12th, 2018 | by Jelena D


Can Tweeting Really Help Your Business?

Twitter is a social networking site that is used by a wide variety of people from doctors, lawyers, celebrities and even the everyday average person. People have found that writing these short messages to convey what they want you to read in 100 words or less has become a way to advertise their businesses, but could tweeting help your business?

Keep The Subject New And Intresting On Twitter

Twitter can be a way to help grow your business if it is use correctly, but it seems that so many people do not get the concept to get the word out about their business. If you spam Twitter constantly with Tweets about your business, the least likely that someone is actually going to read your tweet. Something you should is tweet every day, but makes sure that the subject of your tweet changes. Repetition is boring for anyone, try and keep it new and you are sure to find someone’s interest. Also make the topics that you are writing worth their time. If you write a whole bunch of random tweets like I am going to bed, I am just waking up, I am taking the kids to school, I am going to work, these topics are boring people do these things every day, they do not need to know when you are doing them. Keep them interesting and have a precise thing that you are talking about. Do not get lost in the sea of tweets that are on twitter.

Do Your Research On Twitter

If you want to know what is really popular on Twitter, you can check out the bar on the side of your profile that says Trends and then look over what others are tweeting about. This is a way for you to draw people to your profile if you tweet about the things that are popular. Instead of just focusing on advertising you business a hundred times a day, give people a real reason to come and check you out and you to their list of followers. The more people that you have as followers the more success your business will have through twitter. It is best to remember with Twitter that it is going to be awhile before you can build up your list of followers and so just be patient with it because it does not happen overnight.

Build A following On Twitter

Most likely people are not just going to add hundreds of people a day to at random, so bring the people to you. This is not like MySpace or Facebook were it is easy to just get people to follow you. The reason for this might be the fact that no one wants to be barraged with hundreds of messages to sort through in a day. So you will have to search out people to get someone to follow you. Just type random names and things like that into the search engine and see search through profiles and see who has interests in the items that you will be selling. Now this might not seem to work at first but the more people that you follow the better chance you have of them returning the favor and adding you to their following as well.

Retweet Others Tweets On Twitter

The best thing that you can do for your business is not act like your twitter page is a huge advertisement for you. If you Retweet others tweets that relate the business or the types of items that you are trying to sell, there is a better chance that someone will check those pages out first. If you build your topics around a niche then if gives people a place to go and look for information on that specific topic that they are looking for. Retweeting is also another way to get other people to help you out and Retweet the things that you type about; it will bring more people to your profile and help you build your followers. The more people that you can get to tweet about what you are tweeting the better.

The Downside To Twitter

Even though this networking site is one of the most popular ones of the web there is a downside to it for your business. There are so many people that are tweeting about their businesses and specific topics; this might leave you out from really getting noticed by others on the site. The only option to make this work you need to make sure that your tweets really stand out compared to the competitor. Also with Twitter limiting the amount of words or letters that you can use this really narrows down what you can speak about. So if all you are tweeting is a whole bunch of links and no words then you are sure to get no traffic to your profile. I find that using tinyurl helps the make those links a little smaller so that you can add a decent description to your tweets.

When trying to make your business popular on Twitter think about what you would want to read. If it is something that repeats 100 times and really has no message at all it is bound to be overlooked in vast amount of topics posted every day. You really need to make these tweets stand out from the rest and do not be selfish share tweets that others have tweeted as well, this not only helps them get their tweets out, but this also helps you by people wanting to learn about the other things that you are tweeting about.



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