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Career Options for Digital Media Majors

Digital media is quickly taking over the old-fashioned, analog way of doing things. In almost every industry, positions are opening up for digital media majors to flex their skills and talent. While many of these positions are opening up, it is still incredibly challenging to land a job, because the industry is so competitive. Yet, having a degree in digital media will give people a huge advantage over other candidates. No matter if you are interested in television, film or the corporate sector, there are plenty of opportunities to make your digital media major work for you. Here are some career options for digital media majors.

One of the most fulfilling careers for people who are creative and like to work solo is in post-production. You will either get a job as an editor or in special effects, working on television shows, movies, music videos and more. With special effects, you will be digitally creating scenarios that couldn’t be created in real life. If the entertainment industry is not your thing, you could land a job in the corporate sector as a freelance post-production specialist, editing and adding special effects to promotional and marketing materials.

Next, broadcasting can be another incredibly exciting career for the digital media major. There are plenty of opportunities at local television stations or in radio. You could be in front of the camera as a newscaster or a radio host. If you decide that you want to stay behind the camera, there are a number of broadcasting positions available, like producer, director or even cue card holder. You could even be working on feature films as a director, cinematographer or screenwriter. No matter what, though, in broadcasting there are a number of exiting positions available that could provide a fulfilling and high paying career.

Another digital media position is that of website designer. You could either go freelance or you could work with a website design agency. You might even be able to land a job with a company as their onsite web manager, which could afford you a more stable career. Either way, website design, if you are dedicated and good at what you do, can be an incredibly high paying position with a lot of room for growth.

You could also bring your digital media major back to the educational field and teach younger generations about the benefits of learning the different practical applications of digital media. For younger generations, some of these lessons are almost as crucial as language, because by the time they are looking for their own careers the world will be much more heavily reliant on the digital sphere than ever before.

Lastly, digital media majors stand to become quite successful in this day and age. Getting a digital media major can be your best bet to land a high paying position and a career with longevity. Regardless if you secure a freelance position or a position in the corporate sector, there is no shortage of jobs available, from editing, to website design and even education. So if you are trying to declare a major that will secure your financial future, you could get your online DNP, but why would you if you had the choice to work in Hollywood?

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