Technology Changing Platforms: Adapt or Die

Published on October 12th, 2017 | by EditorOne


Changing Platforms: Adapt or Die

Throughout the American presidencies the candidates who have made use of rising mediums have done so with great success. The radio propelled Franklin D. Roosevelt into power, John F. Kennedy used his presence on television to gain favour and Barak Obama’s internet campaign changed politics with the most impactful results since Kennedy. You could even see Twitter as a tool Donald Trump uses to be heard. If you can take advantage of all the features a platform has to offer you can reach great heights, even a seat in the oval office, it would seem.

Keep up with the Times

Technology is ever changing, developing and growing; if you fail to keep up you will be left behind, much like the competing presidential candidates who failed to do so as well as the victors. Digital marketing is a medium that has taken over in that more money is spent on internet advertising than televised advertising in America, which many may not have seen coming.

Modern-day Platforms

With podiums like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube offering advertising, ignoring them would be to be left behind. These applications offer advertising that reaches millions of people every day and is therefore key to establishing your brand among your audience.

Website development is a skill that is being finely tuned to bring new innovation and opportunity. Building responsive websites is essential to a successful and enduring online presence. Without a well-built website that is responsive all of your digital marketing efforts to get people to the page will be in vain. The majority of the world’s population has a smart phone on their person for a large chunk of the day. This means that developing mobile friendly websites is key to developing your brand and generating leads online.

The power of digital platforms is not to be underestimated. Take a page from the books of American presidents and do not neglect powerful plat forms. If these presidents have proven anything it is that a powerful platform can make (or break) history.

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