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Choosing the Right Power Inverter

We all have faced the situation where electrical power interruptions take place especially after a heavy downpour or a severe storm. In order to tackle such outages, has conducted a search to identify these power outages using a consistent and financially-viable alternate source of electricity. We here at will be guide you on how an inverter will come into effect for solving your power outage problems.

Oscillators are employed in simple inverters to drive a transistor in order to generate a square wave. This will produce the necessary output voltage which in turn after the square wave is fed through a transformer.

In case of those who are totally ignorant of photovoltaic systems (PV), the deficient parts of the system may lead to some confusion. Many of us know the efficacy of inverters. But, still there are few who don’t really know why inverters are a requirement.

First of all, we should try to know what an inverter is all about.

Inverters are just tools which convert DC voltage from photovoltaic cells and then into AC voltage. Inverters are basically used in applications such as from small power supplies for a                                                                                                                 computer to large applications like transporting bulk power to industries.

What is the need of an Inverter?

Inverters are parts of photovoltaic system where the load is an AC instead of DC. Electricity is produced by photovoltaic modules in the form of DC voltage. A battery is used to store this electricity in that form. AC voltage is required by most of our domestic appliances. Electricity can be converted by this device so that it can be used for domestic purposes. Other devices which use AC voltage will be benefitted by the inverters.

Do we have Efficient Inverters?

As on date, inverters maintain an efficiency-quotient which is more than 90%. They are cost-effective.

While selecting an inverter, what are the points to be taken care of?

Firstly, advises you always to consider the usage aspect.

What is the application that requires an inverter (off grid or grid tie)?

First note the size of the PV system. The inverter should match the size of PV power system. If you use a 2500W PV power system, you should obtain 3000w inverter. But, if you require an inverter for any specific domestic purpose, and if you are unaware if the power rating and if you know the amperage, the simple formula is: Amperes 120V = Watts.

For instance, in case your appliance of 5 amperes which requires AC voltage, you may require a 600W inverter.

Some reputed manufacturers in the market include are Xantrex, SMA and Oatback.


At present, the market is flooded with modified sine wave converters. They are used for many tasks and purposes. But, some equipment like laser printers may require better quality of power. You must make it a point to ascertain the equipment which requires a converter.

While choosing the right brand of inverters, it is always advised to consult a dealer or the manufacturers.

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