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Common Misconceptions On Email Marketing

You may have received an email from a business entity at one time. They try to sell you their products and services with a letter explaining their benefits. This is email marketing. This marketing is no longer new. This has been around before social media marketing was widely used. However, this is now commonly dismissed by business entities because of the ongoing popularity of the use of social media sites for marketing. Some may have used this but is now shifting to social media marketing. However, experts agree that email marketing can be better at converting sales. This change may have something to do with common misconceptions that have been circulating around. Let’s take a look at these and try to see if these are indeed true.

Misconception 1: Email Marketing is Doomed when someone unsubscribes

So, you took the time to put together an article intended to be used for email marketing. For a while, you were sending these to thousands of users. For some strange reasons, half of these unsubscribed to your mailing list. Should you think that your efforts were in vain? You read all your emails and knew that these were the prefect letters to send out to your target market. Speaking of which, not all of those who subscribed to your mailing list belong to your target audience. If they no longer want to receive email from you, then be thankful that they unsubscribed. This simply means that they are not interested in your business because they do not find the need to use your products and services. This will cut your mailing list and prevent these people from marking your letters as spam.

Misconception 2: There is no way to grow Leads

With social media sites, your followers can easily share your links to their fellow followers. Many think that this is where email marketing fails. You will only be viewed by the people who are in your mailing lists. However, if you are offering great products coupled with mouthwatering offers, this could get your audience to refer you to their friends. How can they do this? People normally have their own contacts in their emails. If they like what they see from the emails sent by you, they would want to share these too to their friends and will forward your email to them.

Misconception 3: You have to Create Long Content Every Single Time

Reading long letters from the same business entity can become boring for the reader. Instead of finding ways to write emails that contain explanations as to why they need to buy from you, short and direct messages pertaining to promotions can also make them notice the mail sent by you. Sometimes, this is not just about having the right body for the email. It can also be about coming up with the perfect title for the subject line that attracts them to view your email. Making use of capital letters can also make them intrigued to open your email.

Misconception 4: You can Only make use of Text and this is Boring your Readers

You can make use of pictures and videos to make your email marketing stand out. You can even have the photos linked to your website, YouTube or social media pages. By doing this, you are tying your email marketing with other marketing platforms. It is also a convenient way to leave your phone service like RingCentral business phone.

One should not only make use of one platform because people frequent different venues online. You can never reach all your target market simply by sticking to a single platform. Email marketing is still very effective when it comes to generating sales for businesses. It may be considered an old platform of online marketing but it certainly is not the least of these.

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