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Communication Milestones

Before, businesses were easy to start up, challenging to maintain, and downright difficult to expand. When a company starts to grow and open up branches in different locations, it encounters a lot of problems, the biggest one being communication. Consistency in service delivered and response time were two major areas of concern because of distance and communication issues.

However, because of advancements in the telecommunications industry, businesses big and small are now finding it easier to work together as one. Technology has made it possible for people from different locations to communicate as if they were under the same roof, enabling employers to utilize the skills of people from all walks of life without the constraints of cost or geography. It doesn’t matter what size your business is since you can get the talent you require without having to shell out money for relocation and such other concerns. With an effective communication system, it seems as if sky truly is the limit.

  • Emails

Communications via email and chat are now more organized as well. Now, all employees can have their own email addresses for faster communication, with each employee under their own distribution list. With this level of organization, it’s easy to choose who to send a particular email to, whether it’s for the finance team, for operations or strictly for the administrative officers. Most companies now provide employees with their own mobile phones so that they’re within reach if there are queries or concerns that need to be tackled.

  • Web Conference

VoIP, IP PBX and other similar technology has made it possible for people on opposite sides of the world to sit down and conduct a conference via the web. While nothing beats the real thing, it’s now easier to get together, sit down and talk about issues relevant to the company. Reminders, memos and news can now be sent to everyone who needs to be in the know within seconds.

  • Internet

Heads of different offices can now relay messages via chat and SMS or other means of communication through the use of the Internet. It also makes it easier for companies to share information. With central servers connecting each office using the Internet, each employee has access to the same information as their peers all over the world. This ensures that all branches deliver the same quality of service to their clients worldwide.

Businesses have an even greater potential to grow because of advancements in telecommunication. Reports, feedback, surveys and analytical reports can now be sent within minutes and delivered to the appropriate department. At present, heads of businesses can see exactly how well their company is doing in real-time, without having to visit each location they own. With this, it’s easier to make decisions, react to issues as they are happening, and adjust to sudden changes in the business. All these are made possible through the Internet.

The success of a business depends on how well the company moves as one. This is more difficult to pull off if you have different branches, offices and buildings all across the globe. However, because of developments in the telecommunication industry, information dissemination, reaction times and overall consistency are now improving little by little.

Telecommunications is a trustworthy partner for any business. If businesses hesitate to grow and expand because of communication problems before, they can now communicate with their bosses and colleagues across the world with the same accuracy and quality as if they were seated right next to each other in the same room. When once we only had the luxury of speaking to someone from another continent through the phone, we now have the capability to “see” the person we wish to speak with thanks to video conferencing and the like.

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