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Creating A Banner For An Exhibition? The Top Design Ideas You Should Remember

If you’re going somewhere – it doesn’t matter where it is; a trade fair, a convention, a market, a tech show – you’ll need a pop up banner, and you’ll definitely need stands and other promotional materials. But the roll up banner is simply the best way to go because it is so efficient in drumming up crowds in comparison with any other marketing tool that might be out there.

However, there are some things you need to keep in mind – your pull up banner needs to fit the purpose and needs to be designed well. Although this is not necessarily hard, you need to follow a few rules. Are you creating a banner for an exhibition? Here are the top design ideas you should remember.

  • Keep it simple

Your pop up banner is most likely to be placed at a high-traffic area; that’s where they are most effective, after all. The public does not want to read a whole lot of information. You don’t have much time to get your message across – you should be able to convey the message of your banner in two seconds or less. Therefore: keep it simple. Make your statement bold and loud, and don’t clutter your pop up banners with useless information. The purpose of your banner is to grab attention, first and foremost.

  • Use quality imagery

A picture paints a thousand words – it’s a cliché, but it’s true. Use imagery that conveys your message better than words ever could. Want to create environmental consciousness? Show a picture of polluted water or the cutting of a tree. Want to promote your restaurant? A picture of your main item on the menu is sure to get the message across. Beware: use original pictures of high resolution with quality print.

  • Think about the questions

What does your target demographic want to know? What are they struggling with – how can you help them? Answer these questions in a few simple words and it’s a recipe for success.

  • Use colour

Colour is a powerful tool – use it to your advantage. Find out what colours your target demographic are attracted to.

  • Make it memorable

The image and message on your banner should stick in the mind of the passers-by long after they have moved to another area. Make it memorable.

After having read the above guidelines, you may be tempted to get creative – and that’s great, go for it. Keep in mind, though, that the company and your brand probably already have certain guidelines on how they like to promote their products or services, so make sure you stick with those internal rules and regulations. Other than that, remember this: be short, be colourful, be consistent, and be proud. If your banner is a quality banner from a special exhibition banner printing service, then it’s sure to attract the attention you need.

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