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Creating A Website – How and For What?

Creation of a website may look like an easy job if you just consider the technical part of the same. One has to collect content and a few relevant pictures, include various programs, include a few number of pages and fill them up with a little stuff or big pictures and the website is ready. Making use of the various designing programs that are available online one can even be the designer of his own website. After creating the so-called ‘website’ someone will visit the site and browse the pages and comment that it is an awesome website. But the webmaster has to look back and should find out the answers to the following questions:

Just because someone said that it is awesome is the website really good?

How this website can generate traffic?

Has it got quality content?

Other than the one individual will anybody appreciate this website?

While trying to answer the above questions, he will realize the hollowness of the website that was designed by him!

SEO – the Most Important

Aesthetic beauty may be one aspect of a website. However, no business website can thrive without attaining high ranking by major search engines. Survival as well as the growth of a business website depends on its SEO quality.

Generate Traffic

The website must have active links and it must be accessible from PCs as well as various mobile devices. Just by providing purchase links and shopping cart no website can generate business. By way of providing informative as well as interesting content one has to attract the potential customers to the site and by offering fresh content regularly the one-time visitors must be made regular visitors and ultimately they must be made customers of the business website.

Choose the Right Name

The naming of the website is also a crucial job. The name may reflect the business carried out by the website. However, the name of the site must be easy for others to remember as well as type on their browser.

According to the SEOmoz domain name may contain only 3 – 4 letters and may end ion .Com. The online marketer must be aware of copyright issues, trademark infringement etc. in case he is marketing branded products or building a website for a particular venture by someone else. All established firms trademark their name and logo. Hence it is advisable to check the website prior to the naming of the website.

No Hasty Buying

Just for the ranking and a few backlinks, one should not buy a domain in haste. He should do thorough research on that domain and find out the reasons for their selling the domain. Perhaps they may be selling the domain out of frustration or may be blacklisted by search engines for unethical practices.

Select the Best Web Hosting Company

One must ensure to have a reliable and reputed web hosting company. Web hosting must be cost-effective. However, the other aspects should not be sacrificed. The web hosting company must provide quality service. A web hosting company is good if –

  • The pages get loaded very fast
  • Security is assured
  • 24 x 7 technical support is assured
  • Quick functioning servers are provided in the native country

Those who want to have a successful and productive website must ensure it to be functional. No website can survive with an attractive design alone. When the website is not active the potential customers will not be able to use the URL and visitors may gain a bad impression about the website.

Though one may be new to online marketing at the time of launching his website his lack of awareness should not be reflected on his website. If he is able to find out the right name and the right hosting company and makes his website highly functional his starting will be good and he will be getting from his website what he really wanted.

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