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Creative Ways To Choose Your Domain Name

So, you have an awesome business idea and you are ready to start working on your website. You search the domain marketplace only to find that your top choice – or your top ten choices – is already taken. What do you do? Do you have to come up with another business idea and start all over again? Do you settle for a lower quality domain name? No way! With a little bit of extra effort, you can actually buy premium domains so that you can get your business off to a great start. Here are a few good strategies for getting that perfect domain name, even when it doesn’t seem to be available.


Sometimes the term “brainstorming” sounds easier than it actually is. All you have to do is make a list of your top name choices, right? People do it all the time. If you have already checked out a domain registrar or internet webhost, only to find that it is time to go back to the drawing board, a second brainstorming session can be pretty difficult. By following a few suggestions for getting back in the zone, you can come up with an interesting and varied list of options.

  • If you have hit a brick wall, reach out to someone else – or to a whole team of people. Talking it out can help you get your brain in gear and may be the key to coming up with the perfect domain name.
  • Try rearranging words. If your domain name has multiple words, try using them in a different order.  Even if the new phrase doesn’t make any sense, it can jumpstart your brain and help you think in a new way.
  • You can sometimes find inspiration in unlikely places. Try looking in other industries for ideas so that you don’t get stuck in a rut, following the “rules” or patterns of your industry.

Buy An Existing Domain

If there is a domain name that you just have to have, you might find that it is available. Even if a website isn’t listed as for sale, take time to visit the website and to find out who owns it. Contact the owner and ask whether or not they would be willing to sell their domain name. Rather than making an offer, use this first contact as a way to open up a discussion. If you have the option of meeting them in person, this can be a valuable opportunity that allows you to appeal to their humanistic side.

Through negotiation, it is sometimes possible to reach an agreement. While it is difficult to compare the value of something abstract, such as a domain, you should carefully consider the projected income of your company. Purchasing a premium domain can be a worthwhile investment.

Build Brand Recognition

Even though you may end up selecting your second, third, or even eleventh choice for a domain name, you can still have a successful business. By choosing a name that is catchy, easy to remember, and easy to type, you can create a business name that is unique and recognizable. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Zillow have all developed brand recognition through advertising, even though their domain name isn’t exactly intuitive.

Having the right domain name can make a huge difference for your company. By carefully brainstorming, negotiating, and advertising, your domain name can become globally recognized.

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