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Cyber Power Inverter- “The Power Distributor”

An amazing product from DealDash and that is a Cyber Power inverter with USB port and it has a built in surge protection which safeguards the electronics against the power fluctuations and from sudden shutdowns. It is very useful in protecting the products from sudden drop in power and it avoids the products from being drained. The USB charging port charge any device that can be changed through the USB port.

The mobiles can also be charged by the use of this inverter. It is designed with the theme that it should be adaptable to all the units which are to be charged. It is very compact in its design and it can be taken anywhere since it is not that much heavier in weight.

Actually the converter converts the 12v DC automobile power to 120v AC home power. This converter also helps to keep the vehicle power safe and in case the vehicle power got drained then it can be powered accordingly.

This device is used to charge all the mobile electronics, small appliances, emergency equipment, and portable tools. It is most helpful when we are moving out somewhere and it helps us to take away from the inconvenience of being drained out of charge. The only thing which I faced something as drawback is due to the cooling fan present in the inverter, but in the current releases of this inverter has a smart look and also the sound is reduced from the earlier version of the inverter.

After buying this product I used this to charge my camcorder it was perfect in its performance and the converter which I used before got drained within three months and it greatly disappointed me. But now because of DealDash I got back a new inverter which satisfies me in all aspects.

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