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Published on January 3rd, 2013 | by Mike J


Do You Need to Upgrade Your Business Technology in 2013?

As the New Year awaits, how is your small business shaping up for 2013?

If technology is an issue for you and your company, what will you do differently the next 12 months that you did not do the last 12?

For some, communicating better with both employees and customers should be a priority going forward. In the event you are not sure how to best implement such plans, have you considered better ethernet service and/or cable internet in the New Year?

To break it down, shopping for an ethernet service provider does take some time and effort, but is easily doable if you know how to look for it.

When shopping for the right ethernet service provider, consider:

* Know your needs – You want an ethernet service that allows your in-house workers and those that work while traveling for you access to data whenever and wherever. Look for bandwiths of up to 45 Mbps, providing you with reliable and quick upload and download speeds. Before you shop for a provider, know your current bandwith, along with whether or not you have plans to grow the business in the next year or two;

* Read the fine print – As you search for a provider and begin to consider contracts, know what you are getting into before you sign anything. In many cases, vendors will offer a trial package so that you can try out the service before being signed up to a longer-term deal (typically a couple of years). Also ask about any “hidden fees” that could be thrown into the mix, especially in a day and age when you are trying to save your small business money. Lastly, ask the provider about and review as best as possible their customer service track record. If they have any sizable number of complaints from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for example, be wary of signing on with them;

* Use the Internet and referrals – Finally, another good way to search for an ethernet provider is via online forums and social media, along with referrals. If you are friendly with other small business owners, get their two cents on which provider they went with and why. Visit the social media sites of the different providers to see how authoritative they are on the matter, along with how efficiently and quickly they respond to customer questions and issues online.

Along with the right ethernet provider for your small business, has cable internet been an issue for your company over the last year?

Speed and Efficiency Matter with Customers

If you find yourself needing a source for this tool, looking at cable internet from Megapath is a start.

Your cable internet provider should be sure to offer:

* Professional installation – Given that you are paying for it, you most assuredly want the provider to properly install the hardware. With both your employees and your customers depending on reliable and fast internet service for your small business to work efficiently, proper installation does matter;

* Professional customer service – Undoubtedly you will have questions and/or issues with the internet service you obtain. Make sure your provider can meet those needs, including providing an online customer portal to make both billing and account management more easy to handle;

* Proper equipment – Know what you need from your provider upfront, meaning the right hardware to set up the cable internet. Also make sure everything is broken down service-wise so that you do not incur a bunch of “hidden fees” along the way;

* Service matters – At the end of the day, how you treat your customers will result in whether or not they come back to you or not. With a reliable Internet provider, your business stands a better chance of not only retaining current customers, but also adding new ones, especially those who see you and your staff get back to them in a timely manner through the best internet connection available.

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