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Does Your Ecommerce Site Have a Global Audience?

Going global is a huge step for any business, especially a small business. It can mean many more orders and a huge increase in profits. However, it’s not enough to have one website do the job for several different countries. If you want your ecommerce business to be successful, you need to put in a bit more work. The following discusses how you can attract a global audience to your ecommerce business.

Why You Need Separate Domains

Separate domains are important for a variety of reasons. First of all, you want to create a presence in each country. For example, if you were setting up a business in the United Kingdom, the address would be This not only makes it easier for your website to come up in global searches, but it can make customers in that country feel better about doing business with you. Another reason you need separate domains is that your target audience is going to be different in each country. They will have a different language, different ways of doing business, etc. With each website, you can create a business that is appealing to each nationality. Lastly, it makes it easier to do business for both you and the customer. Everything is priced based on their form of currency so there’s no mistakes.

Creating Websites for Different Countries

When creating each website, you want to learn about the nationality so that you understand how business is done, what appeals to your target market in different countries, what colors and marketing terms are popular, etc. Each website should be tailored to that country. This means that you may have to change the product descriptions of your inventory to match the language style of other countries. You’ll also want to provide content that is appealing to that country. More importantly, you need a firm understanding of the marketing and business laws of each country. It sounds like a lot of work, but will pay off in the end.

Keep It the Same, Sort Of

While you are creating a different website for each country, there are things that should remain the same. For example, you’ll go through the same process you did when creating your website for the United States. You’ll determine your target market, create marketing strategies based on that market, create content that uses keywords for that country, and work on other SEO techniques for the site. The steps will be the same, but the content will be different.

Gaining a global audience can be just what you need to turn your small business into a large business. However, it takes time and requires creating websites that market to each country.

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