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Drawbacks of Corporate Blogging

Blog is an abbreviation that stands for the term ‘weblog’. It refers to a website that contains entries dated according to the most recent (chronological order) discussing a particular topic. It functions as an online bulletin or newsletter. This personal journal has comments, reflections etc. One individual or a group of persons who contribute towards the topic at hand writes them. The entries entered contain links and commentaries related to other Websites. Some bloggers also include search facilities and images. Blogs that embrace video clips go by the name ‘Video Weblog’. Blogging has revolutionized the way corporate and businesses handle their affairs. It brings with it countless advantages and disadvantages.

Blogging has really grown from being a popular teenager’s pastime to the delight embracement by corporate. Many companies are turning into the use of blogs for different reasons. Some of them include advertising and promoting their products, improving their customer base among others. The list of companies using this tech advancement continues to grow as each day passes. However, a number of them abstain from the usage of blogs associating it to a number of drawbacks. Below is a brief look at the disadvantages.

Writing and posting of content in a blog is very risky to the company’s image. Bloggers have to be extremely careful on anything they post on the blog. Many of them face the risk of employment termination because of the content they write. Most executives consider blogs to be sources of trouble for their companies and their employees. The fact of the matter is that there must be freedom of speech for everyone. However, this right tends to be misused at times. There is a huge loophole for employees to tarnish the name of the company. This is the main reason as to why most executives resolve not to use blogs.

Democracy is very healthy in the present world today. There is no doubt about that. Nevertheless, most executives are of the opinion that their organizations do not qualify as democracies in any way. What the web does to most organizations is that they make many of them look like disorganizations that have multiple opinions. Any average customer prefers to have an association with coherent organizations. This is what any blogger ought to understand.

Practically starting anything on the web is very easy to start. The hard part however comes in the maintenance part. Maintaining anything on the Web is challenging and tricky. People have to practice high levels of discipline. There is no exception to this when it comes to blogs. Coming up with coherent content is a difficult affair. Individuals who undertake to be bloggers must be willing to spend substantial amounts of time coming up with creative material content for the blog. Blogs might be cheap in terms of strategy but in regards to time, they are very expensive. Consequently, updating is of quite a small number of blogs. This results to the damaging of the organization’s reputation rather than improving it.

The true expertise of an organization or corporate can lay hidden for quite some time. There is this school of thot, which holds that the people who have many materials to write do not do it, while those who do not have anything to write are the ones who do it. This is the sad reality in the field of writing. Individuals end up drowned in ins and outs not knowing the way forward.
Many people have compelling ideas but putting them down into paper becomes difficult. A blogger might have very good intentions about a company but relaying the message becomes difficult. Describing an idea in a clear and well-understood manner might be challenging. All these are the drawbacks in corporate blogging.

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