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Effective Marketing – Email Marketing!

Since ages, man has evolved newer methods of attracting the attention of the customers and selling products efficiently. The selling of the articles and products depends on how well it has been marketed. And man has found many innovative ways of marketing since time immemorial. And the latest buzz is the email marketing.

In a world where virtually everything can be bought or sold, without physically seeing or touching the products, email marketing has a huge role to play.

It is only via these emails that a product is pitched and the consumer is able to judge the quality of it by seeing the photographs and the product reviews.

Also online shopping gives the customer the freedom to sit at home and get the items or products at their door steps.

With a range of products to choose from various sites the consumers are more than often in a fix to choose which among the ones that are being offered. Now if the product details along with various attractive offers and discounts be sent directly to the prospective customers via email; then the interested customer will be more inclined to buying the product from the particular site    or company that the mail has been sent from.

There are many types of marketing, but the email marketing is the most inexpensive and efficient way of marketing. The email to sales conversion rate is a very important index that shows the efficacy of the email marketing.

The other marketing techniques like traditional advertising through newspapers, pamphlets and electronic media is much has a wider reach but the response is not always the same as it is the email marketing. Email marketing allows the company to sell their products in a very short span of time and gives a platform for the company to directly contact the consumers and convert the emails into sales. Email marketing is far cheaper and less time consuming than its older counterparts, marketing via paper and electronic media. Traditional marketing via paper media has a high cost and longer business cycle due to the time taken for producing the artwork, printing the same and then mailing and addressing it.

Advertisers are more in favour of email marketing now days because of the above factors and also because of the rising population that uses the internet and interacts through emails. The traffic to the sites of these companies sky rocket after going for email marketing.

The emails when converted to sales are then recorded as the email marketing conversion rate, and are used to prepare sale reports and project the future sale growth curve. And this gives an exact report about the sales figure and hence the company’s growth can be tracked accurately. The main aim for any business is to optimize sales, earn profits and high returns on investment that has to be minimized

As much as possible. And online marketing and email marketing are the two best models of marketing that are known to boost the sales by a lot of margin.

There are many ways of marketing via emails. One is direct email and the other is transactional email. Marketing via direct mail is where a promotional mail having all the information related to the product is sent directly to a group of target customers.

And transactional mails are those which are sent out, once the customer has shown some kind of interest in the product, by either visiting the company’s site and requesting details about the product, or expressing some query about the product, or in some other way like opting for receiving the newsletter and new product details.

Author works as Marketing Manager in a firm for past 10 years. He also owns sites for which he has adapt Email marketing.

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