News Exploring The Rumors Of A New Xbox Console

Published on September 5th, 2013 | by JRO


Exploring The Rumors Of A New Xbox Console

The new Xbox console has sparked a lot of controversy over the past month. With the announcement of the new system at the Electronic Entertainment Expo many people we left with doubt that the new Xbox had a chance at success. The always-online feature was one of the most talked about topics all over the Internet. Gamers from around the world were outraged that the Xbox One was going to require users to remain online and check it at least once every 24 hours. People with no Internet or poor connections felt they were being neglected.

New Xbox Does Not Require Internet Access

Microsoft listened to its fans and spectators and decided to remove the always-online feature for the new Xbox One. Microsoft backtracked and decided that it did not want to lose many of its loyal fans. Now you can hook up your system once and it is ready to go. This is great news for console gamers that are stuck without Internet connection or that constantly travel and sometimes do not have online capabilities. The change made is only going to affect games on discs. Gamers can share and sell games bought through disk; however, this is not the case for games downloaded digitally.

No More Family Sharing Plan

Originally Microsoft had announced that the Xbox One was going to come with a family-sharing plan. This plan was going to allow a user to share a purchased game with up to 10 family members. The system required to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours in order to protect the system from pirates that steal video games. The original plan was for gamers to have the ability to one day download games and play them at the time of launch right at midnight. Microsoft claimed games would eventually lower in price due to money saved from production and distribution. This system would have also produced more money for developers.

Voice Commands

The Xbox One has voice command features so you can essentially control your console without a controller. With the Xbox Kinect, the system will have the ability to pick up voice commands and hand movements. You can control the system with your body and select music to play, movies to watch, or things to download. This is a feature that will remain with the Xbox One.

Release Date and Pricing

Gamers can expect to play the Xbox One this November. The release date is expected to be sometime before Thanksgiving in order to allow gamers the chance to enjoy quality gaming before the holidays. Right now this console starts at a price of $499. Although the system will cost $100 more than the Playstation 4 from Sony, it still has a lot more features available that make it appealing. The ability to stream live games to your friends through and manage different tasks such as watching a movie and browsing the Internet make this console one of a kind. The system has a Blu-ray and DVD player inside as well.

Another unique feature is the console’s ability to connect to television subscriptions to allow users to watch content through the Xbox. Expect more than just gamers to invest into the console since it has so many additional features in addition to gaming.


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