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Published on January 19th, 2013 | by Site Editor


Facebook’s Press Event: Expecting Unexpected Announcements

Facebook remained silent about its secret press event on Tuesday in the midst of conjecture that this social networking site will be introducing its first and foremost renowned smartphone or search engine to challenge Google. A mysterious call was driven to the media last week prompting a guessing sport among industry forecasters. The proclamation that was planned has even invigorated proposals that Facebook was interested to enter the thriving smartphone bazaar in spite of a vigorous rebuff by Mark Zuckerberg in September.

Facebook Holds Its Fourth f8 Developer ConferenceThe technology analyst, Dr. Richard Windsor said that he had expected Facebook to declare a “hardware tactic” similar to that of Google rather than Apple. “I suppose that hardware declared will be an Android based smartphone or tablet or array of gadgets. The Android tablet will be customized and tailored to push in Facebook deep into the customer experience. It could also incorporate other utilities like an optimized browser or search powered by Facebook on these gadgets. This would on the whole have the outcome of taking search and redirecting the browsing traffic away from Google,” he said.

The following four were other announcements expected to be made in the press meet.

News feed would be revamped

The news feed operates as the Facebook homepage for about 1 billion users. So its accomplishment is vital to the upcoming of the social network. Conventionally, the news feed was the area where people find out the happenings on Facebook and told friends what they were thinking of. It still carries out that, but quite a lot of changes were made over the past two years suggesting that Facebook desires the news feed to become the No 1 amusement focal point on the web.

According to Business Insider, Facebook now needs to modify the news feed into an “information sharing focus for the complete internet”. This may mean to say two things,

  • The news feed will draw the stuff directly from other sources based on what its information implies you to like.
  • Facebook lovers will leave the news feed more often and switch to other sites, which could be a component of any prospective advertisement network.

Pay for your messages

Facebook publicized last year that it was planning to charge users a little payment, opening at $1, to send a message to other’s inbox. This is applicable only between those Facebook addicts who were not friends on the website.

Ask your queries to Facebook

Zuckerberg makes plans for the site to reply more common queries for its lovers like finding cafés in close proximity or employment opportunities.”Facebook is actually exclusively sited to respond a lot of queries that populace have,” he whispered in September.

Facebook as an advertising network

One predicament with Facebook is its itinerant advertisements. Facebook has slowly adjusted to this change, commencing mobile ads at the end of 2011. 6 % of the total revenue of the Facebook was contributed by mobile ads for the first nine months and as per the new analysis, $339m was brought by them.

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