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Few Tips To write Great Blog Posts

Anyone can write a personal diary on the internet which we called as blogs, but effective writing is a prowess that not everyone has. As a blog writer you need to create a content which is interesting. By creating interesting blogs, you ensure that readers read your contents till the end. Regular writing practice will hone your skill. If you are new in blogs writing, then you might find this information interesting as on the way you will learn tips and tricks to write great blog posts.

Start well with a Good Title!

Believe it or not online readers get attracted to the contents by their title. As a writer you need to focus on making the title interesting which contains the gist of your story. If your title is interesting then readers are likely to read the first paragraph. Again if your first paragraph contains useful information readers will read on.

Choose a Blogging Platform

Blogging platforms are many and anyone can be chosen to post blogs. It is important to familiarize with the available tools of the platform you have chosen to post your blogs. Knowing some technical skills and codes is always helpful. Even if you know text formatting, embed videos, images inserting and others, you will create an interesting a good looking blog for readers.


If you are creating blogs for your business, then make sure that know the categories well. Creating contents according to the categories is the main objective of you toward your business. Categorizing contents smartly will allow you to create meaningful contents.


Put some emotion and feeling to your blogs by inserting images. Blogs are designed not just for headings and words. You can easily post your creative images to impress readers and entice them read your full content. Images create curiosity in the mind of readers which force them to read on.

Word Count

Writing not too short and not too long blog posts is the key to attract readers. Your content should look good. The fact is people don’t want to waste time to read way too long content. It is important to talk to the point within a limited word count. Generally a five hundred word content will be a standard blog post.

Personal Touch

Even if you are writing a business blog post, a personal touch would be perfect to attract readers. Create a story which can lure readers to read through the blog post. You can spice the content up with some personal story. People like to know about you and sharing your personal story will make them smile and feel happy.

Short Paragraphs and Links

Short paragraphs will create a good looking content for a blog post. Bulky paragraphs confuse readers. You don’t want to lose reader even after creating good contents. It is a good idea to place some related links inside for your readers.

Writing is powerful and you want to use blog platforms to show your writing power to others by creating good contents. If you are confused or you just don’t want to put your head into content writing, you can hire professional who can do the blogging job for your business.

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