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Four Reasons to Sell Your Netbook

Netbooks were fantastic on their time and for many they’re still an ideal piece of kit. Small, useful and affordable, they were an important part of the market. These days, though, they’re becoming obsolete thanks to the advances in tablets, lighter laptops and other more affordable, faster solutions. Here are four reasons for selling your netbook.

Make a Bit of Extra Money

No matter what you want to do with that money, having a little extra to spend is perhaps the biggest reason to sell on your netbook, old CDs, or any other stuff that just no longer fits into your current lifestyle. You could treat yourself to something or save it for a rainy day. In these tough economic times, every bit of extra money you can raise is helpful.

Bit of Extra Money


Many people sell older technology such as netbooks so they can put the pennies towards a newer model or something that works better for the purpose that it’s needed for. There are some useful sites that help you to sell your netbook quickly and easily and it’s a great idea when you think about it. You’ve used the netbook, got your money’s worth out of it and now after it’s been used it even pays for part of whatever you’re planning to replace it with.

Four Reasons to Sell Your Netbook

Save the Planet

Each year around a million tons of electrical items go into landfill. That’s just in the UK, by the way. Selling on your old netbook means you’re doing a little bit to stop adding to that. Either a netbook can be refurbished and used by someone else or it’s going to be put into the hands of the professionals who know which bits can be recycled and which bits need to be disposed of carefully, minimising its effects on the environment.


Even if your tech collection isn’t threatening to take over your entire home, having a piece of equipment that just isn’t quite doing the job means it is taking up space that could be filled with something more suited to your needs. And if, like many, you’ve already upgraded but you’re keeping your netbook around ‘just in case’ then it’s an expensive, dust-collecting paper weight. Claim your home and surfaces back by selling it.


Selling your old netbook means that you will have some extra spending money which you can use to buy and newer, better device which is more suited to your needs. You will also be doing your bit for the environment by selling it rather than just throwing it away. Selling on your old netbook has never been easier and after you find just how simple the process is, you might start thinking about other items you can get rid of in the same way.

Author Bio- : Idania is a freelance writer specialising in technology. She’s the woman to ask if you want to sell your netbook quickly and easily, having written about the industry for the last seven years for a variety of blogs and websites.

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About the Author: Idania Silvia a freelance writer for many communities.

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