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Fresh Ideas For Advertising Your Brand

If no one knows your business exists, it probably is not going to fare to well. That is why advertising is so important. Some people are under the false assumption that you need to have a big budget in order to really create effective buzz about a product or business, but this is not always the case. A well thought out campaign that has a properly timed release and is placed where your target market will come into contact with it are the real keys to a successful campaign. In addition, with all the evolution that has been going on in the marketing profession as of late, creativity and new ideas are abundantly available to stoke your creative genius.

Types of Advertising

When you are formulating a campaign, advertising can take on many different forms that fall into these categories:

Print Advertisements

A Print advertisement is essentially anything that is printed and easily portable such as brochures, newspaper ads and magazine ads.

Guerilla Advertisements

Sometimes called ambient media this genre encompasses all the interactive and different–even shocking forms of advertising. This type of advertising generates a lot of buzz through the word of mouth and social media outlets.

Outdoor Advertisements

These target consumers when they are outside of their homes like bus stop ads and billboards.

Public service Advertising

Whereas other forms are meant to entice a consumer into purchasing a certain product or shopping at a certain store, public service ads are meant to teach the consumer.

Broadcast Media

This area includes all the television and radio ads that are ever popular.

Digital and Online Advertising

A newer type of advertising, this includes banner ads, websites and blogs–essentially any advertising that is online and accessible through the internet.

Never Underestimate

One well developed campaign in any of the aforementioned areas can have a very promising effect on your brand, but don’t forget the small stuff. Brochures with coupons are a great way to get consumers to learn about your product or at the very least try it. Now that may not be that new of an idea but it is an effective one nonetheless. Another area that you won’t want to overlook is your business card. A business card is not only a great resource for networking but it can also drum up some word of mouth advertising as people circulate and show off an impressive and unconventional card. An example of this can be likened to the photo on wood that used to be a popular guest gist at weddings, try having your cards printed on a thin wood veneer, that is of course if your business has anything to do with wood. It gives you the right idea though, choose something business specific and let your business card speak for you.

Examples of Effective Campaigns

In order to get a look at the creativity that goes into campaigns today, one does not need to look far for some great examples and ideas.

Rediffusion in Mumbai, India involved an escalator in their creative campaign. At the bottom is a picture of a man’s face and each step is outfitted with a sticker that depicts a different hairstyle. Each time the step changes the guy gets a new look. What a great attention grabber!

To reach consumers with the word of a new book called Tutti Frutti by Klas and Maria Lindstrom, another innovative method of advertising was employed. The book provides information about fruits and berries, as well as pictures and recipes. To reach the target market fruits in the supermarket were outfitted with stickers that had the books title and the address of the website where the book can be purchased. Just enough to peak some interest and push a buyer to look further.

Well known company 3M took to the streets with a challenge in order to stir up talk about their security glass. A case was made out of clear security glass and filled with money. They then placed this on a high traffic street and declared that if someone breaks the glass, they can keep the money. This stunt generated a lot of YouTube activity as people were filmed trying to break the case.

When the pet product company Pedigree was opening their NYC located store they teamed up with the shelter for an adoption drive. As a means of creating awareness a load of orange life-sized wooden pooches were set up in Central Park. These cutouts read “Wish I was here, but I’m not.” and then directed people to the pedigree store in order to meet the shelter dogs.

There are very few limits in advertising, and the more extreme the more reach a campaign stands to have as it gets shared through social media. So, think big and consider what would best reach your target market, who knows, maybe your campaign will be the next to go viral.

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