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From Smartphone To Credit Card Reader: Aye or Nay?

These days, you can literally do nearly everything with a smartphone—connect with other people, receive news and updates, as well as take in a game or two for a bit of recreational fun on the side. It’s function plus entertainment in a nifty package. The gadget has evolved so much that, ten years ago, we didn’t even have much in the way of features. Now, we can even pay for our meals or shop via smartphones.

Never tried it before? There are plenty of apps in the market that allow you to turn your smartphone into a credit card reader. Just download the app, install it, and instant credit card reader in your hands. This is especially handy if you’re selling products. What happens if your credit card machine breaks down? Or maybe you don’t have one yet? Or you turned in yours for repairs?

The world doesn’t have to stop just because your credit card machine went on the blink. Equip your smartphone with a credit card payment app and you won’t have a thing to worry about. Don’t forget to check first if the app is compatible with your model’s OS or not.

Here are some popular credit card payment systems you can choose from:


Square has the smallest card reader on the market so far. You plug it directly into the audio jack of your Android or iPhone. Both the app and device are free and the payment goes directly to the logged bank account.

Paypal Here

If you’ve got a PayPal account and you prefer getting paid this way, PayPal Here may be the best option you could go for since the payment is deposited directly into your account within minutes of any transaction.

It also accepts cheques—just make sure to take a photograph of the front and back sides of the cheque to have it processedl. Also, if you don’t have the reader with you, you can just take photographs of the credit and debit card. However, expect that charges will apply.

Intuit GoPayment

If you’re a true-blue Blackberry fan, you can download Intuit GoPayment. It has features similar to Square, except for a few distinct features, one of which is Blackberry-compatibility. Note that only the app is Blackberry-compatible, not the swiper.


If you need an app-card swiper combination for that works for iPhones, Androids and Blackberry units, this is the app that trumps all other apps for you. It’s compatible with a wide range of mobile phones, but note that the price varies so check first if you really need it or not.

Now what if you were the buyer? And you bought a really nice jacket or shoes, and you see the store owner or cashier whipping out an iPhone to process your payment. Would you feel just the teeniest bit nervous? Think someone’s already stealing away your credit card information right under your very nose.

Knowing that credit card apps for smartphones are legit should do away with much of the panic you feel. However, if you’re still not sure, you could read up on these apps some more online. The more you know, the safer you’ll feel. And the sooner you could decide on which camp you’d fall in on the idea of allowing credit card transactions through smartphones. Is it safe or do want to see other security measures in place before you put your credit card information on the line?

In the end, would you say aye or nay?

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