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Published on December 8th, 2014 | by Betty E


Galaxy S7: Revolution Is About To Release In 2015

Every year new Smartphone are released by the companies each of them is having something new than the others. Samsung a Korean giant is a popular Smartphone company and has launched its several flagships. The company is popular because of its amazing series of Smartphone. Galaxy S7 is going to be its next flagship with efficient, faster and high end features. According to recent news it is confirmed that the engineers of the company are testing the most outstanding phone of the decade.  There are several rumors going on about the new launch.

Release Date

Samsung released S5 in the month of April and it was a successor. This Smartphone was appreciated all over the world. There is no doubt that this phone was amazing and its features were great. Galaxy S5 was amazing and there is no doubt about it but it was not revolutionary.  There were several other gadgets that were launched by the company like Galaxy Note 4 and it was a really promising gadget but again not revolutionary. There is no doubt that Samsung gadgets are amazing and Galaxy S7 which is going to be a revolutionary Smartphone.  These gadgets were having high end features but technology was the same. Now people are looking for something new and it is certain that the company is not going to disappoint its fans. After looking at all the possibilities and previous dates it can be concluded that the company will launch its flagship next year in 2015.

Features and Specifications

Talking about the specifications, there is no doubt that it is going to have the most advanced hardware of the decade. It is going to touch the limit and soon will be a desirable Smartphone among all. The Smartphone will have 4GB RAM, you will also be experiencing the fastest mobile processor and the frequency 3.x GHz note 4 of Samsung is already working on 2.7 GHz.

As we have already discussed that there is going to be something unique about Galaxy S7 that is going to make it revolutionary in the market. There is going to be a unique display and it is definitely going to be perfect on the consumer’s experience. You can also expect flexible display or 4K display. There were only two beasts in the market that were having 3D display LG and HTC. Responses were mixed as there are some limitations to use a 3D display in Smartphone. According to the rumors Samsung might launch something unique with 3D display. It is also going to have a mini projector, low light sensitivity sensor, superfast battery charging time. A revolution is required in the Smartphone world and Galaxy S7 is expected to bring that revolution.  There are no official announcements but lots of rumors are going on in the market.  There are several updates on the internet and we will also going to bring you all the latest updates about the release, specification and price of Galaxy S7.  Till then keep your fingers crossed.

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