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Genious Gadgets That Will Turnaround Your Lazy Life

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it” – Bill Gates

No doubt there are some gadgets in market whose pieces are flying off the rack too fast! And their elite customers being a large number of lazy people. If you too count yourself in that category, here are some gadgets which will make you wonder where they had been all your life:

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

An automatic vacuum cleaner can be a boon especially for those who don’t want to spend a considerable time of their weekends just in cleaning their houses. Because there will be a gadget doing that for them. Automatic vacuum cleaners have always been a big hit in Japan but it was only recently that they got much love from outsiders too and started to become available from different brands. The one from Roomba is very popular and can simplify your like so much. They are a one-time investment for sure but think of the number of hours you are going to save!

Self-stirring Mug

While for some coffee is just another drink in morning, for some (Read: lazy people like me) it’s a drug that keeps them alive and helps them welcome Monday mornings. However what generally happens in morning is waking up after hitting 5 snooze button alarms, getting ready hurriedly with no time to spare for making coffee. This is when a self-stirring mug can rescue you! Even on those cold wintery days when you wrap a warm blanket around you, read a book and just want someone else to prepare coffee for you to sip on. All you have to do is put in the ingredients in the cup and it will start stirring on its own.  By using Snapdeal coupons present on, you can buy this magical cup at an even more affordable price with the bonus of cashback.

Genious Gadgets That Will Turnaround Your Lazy Life

Banana Slicer

No! I am not kidding! Banana slicer is a gadget meant for extremely lazy people who find it a big task even to slice down banana. There are a number of health benefits associated with banana which is why slicing it shouldn’t stop you from having it and benefitting from its advantages. Get this banana slicer. All you have to then do is press it on banana and voila! Enjoy the slices with fork! Easy peasy, right? It saves so many efforts of yours.

Genious Gadgets That Will Turnaround Your Lazy Life

Fitness Bands

Fitness bands haven’t exactly been designed for lazy people. But the one thing which lazy people adversely is lack of exercise and keeping a tab on their progress level. With fitness bands, it gets easy. Buy one for yourself at a lower price by using Paytm coupons via and start delighting in the various benefits it has for you. You can set your goals in it and the band with take care that it keeps a check on your activity level and informs you as to how far you have reached. You need not go through the trouble of noting down somewhere each day!

Genious Gadgets That Will Turnaround Your Lazy Life

5Clap Clap Lights

This is one gadget which won’t just make lazy people fall in love with it, but also the sissy ones! I’m sure you know the feeling of switching off lights at night in your bedroom and then searching for your bed like it has got invisible.

Genious Gadgets That Will Turnaround Your Lazy Life

This light clapper gadget will turn lights on and off based on the motion of your clapping. But do remember that it can become a toy for your children!

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