News Get Back Home With Cherished Memories From New York City…

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Get Back Home With Cherished Memories From New York City…

New York City is a beautifully organized, well developed, globally influential city found on the banks of the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean. It has several tourist attractions and is a must visit place in the life time of an individual. Along with the specific attractions, the place is known to have diverse recognizable landmarks all together making the trip a cherished memory.

New York’s Tourist Attractions:

Some of the must see places in THE New York City and its neighborhood are as follows:

  • The Statue of Liberty: The most famous statue gifted by the French government marking the American independence. It is a 93 meter tall statue along with its pedestal and offers perfect view of the city after reaching the crown of the statue. It is a must visit place while planning for a trip to visit the New York City.
  • Time Square: It is the area between 6th and 9th avenue and 40th and 53rd Street of the New York City, which projects it as the busiest one ever. The times tower in the square is responsible for the square for its name. This bustling square holds several Broadway theatres and electronic billboards.
  • Empire State building: It is one of the world’s most famous skyscrapers and no one wants to miss visiting such a wonderful thing after going through the place. The top view of the building offers a total view of the Midtown of the city and thus remains as a must visit places in your travel list.
  • Wall Street: It is a pretty famous street in lower Manhattan. It holds most of the financial establishments of the city along with stock exchange centers and banks. It is often said that the wealth of the city is bound within the tall buildings held behind the walls of the street.
  • Washington Square: It is located in the 5th avenue and Waverly place. It is one of the most crowded places located in the Greenwich Village, and is famous for the Washington’s Arch, which is built as a wooden memorial and later reconstructed using marble.
  • World trade center: It is an official center of the city with the tallest buildings, that suffered the 24/7 terrorist attacks. Today we see a computerized office replacing the once featured tallest twin towers and have a memorial for the victims of the attack.
  • Madison Square Garden: It is located in the 33rd street in Madison’s square hence got its name. It is a place where sports and most of the concerts in the city happen to occur. The world famous wrestling sport, the WWE is conducted in this garden arena.

If you are planning to visit this wonderful city, then all one need to do is to first consider the scope and the range of the accommodations available. There are diverse hotels in New York City, to serve the needs of numerous customers visiting the place. A Visit to all the tourist attractions and landmarks in the New York City would make the trip a memorable one.

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