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Published on January 16th, 2017 | by Mack A


Give Best Care For Your Lost Data With EaseUS

One sort of issue related to storing data in a system is data loss. Data is a form of information which is stored and retrieved from all kind of digital devices. As these digital devices tend to defects, the data stored in those devices may lose sometimes. This causes users to loss their most valuable data. In that critical situation, users want to recover such data. At that time, they need the help of recovery tools and programs.

About EaseUS data recovery software

EaseUS is powerful recovery software which gets lost and deleted files safely from any kind of devices like PC, laptop, server or another type of storage media. EaseUS data recovery software helps users to get out of data loss problem. This software is best suited for retrieving data which is lost in some critical conditions. This recovery wizard will recover files and lost data from all sorts of problems like

  • Deleting
  • Formatting
  • Partition loss
  • OS crash
  • Virus attack

Features of EaseUS recovery wizard

100% Safe and hassle free

EaseUS data recovery wizard recovers the lost and deleted files 100% safely. Users can restore their lost data from different data loss cases. Similarly, users can use this recovery software on various kinds of devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile phones etc. This data recovery program helps users to recover their deleted files and data without overwriting the original data.
Preview your data before recovery

While recovering deleted files by using this recovery software, users can specify their file type which they want to recover before scanning process. This software has filter features which filter user files by attributes such as

  • Name
  • File type
  • And date on which the file is stored or created

It then searches for lost files based on these search result. It then provides a preview option for the user, where users can select which file to recover. This will give better recovery effect to the user.

Bootable media for urgent situation

This recovery program has a bootable media feature, which is designed to solve any bootable problems that arise while initializing the recovery project. This data recovery program with bootable media is much safer for lost data which is stored in a system disk. This feature will be helpful in case of secondary data damage.

Easy and powerful recovery wizard

This data recovery software has clear features and it has a spontaneous user interface. This will guide the user to do their recovery process in successful steps. This recovery program also has two scan modes such as quick scan mode and deep scan mode to find the lost data at most.

Users find it easy to use this file recovery software. Users also get a user manual for this recovery software from online. This will help users to how to install the software and how to recover their files in a step by step manner. It minimizes the effort of the user to a greater extent. This data recovery program suits for all kind of recovery process.


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