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Good And Bad of Stand Alone Blog Platforms

A stand alone platform is a blog that is hosted using one’s own steam on an individual URL/ domain some blogs are hosted by movable type, PMachine, B2evolution, Grey matter, text pattern and also expression engine.

There are advantages and disadvantages of blogs that are of standalone platforms.

The Advantages include:
• One has Full Control of the type of design. This depends on the ability to create a web design however standalone blogs in general are very adaptable. Though some people are not strong in designing blogs, one gets frequently amazed by some people’s ability to create unbelievably diverse and very clever designs. those bloggers who have little ability in the designing area may be compelled to use templates that are of default type or one may also get help of a professional or a friend

• Adaptability; bloggers enjoy the many upcoming plugings that help one access the basic installation of WP and more.

• Free Platforms are offered. One may pay for their domain name but other hosting systems such as problogger.Com are usually free. Others do not have any license fee especially if you are using for commercial purposes or are using many of the blogs. Many are a source that is open.

• A URL that has ones domain name is the best for many reasons. The first being it is easy to remember, the second reason is that the domain name is more professional and easier it is to brand it.

• It may have a setup that is complicated. It therefore depends on ones technical abilities and their web savvy however when one moves into a stand alone platform the set up usually gets complicated and tends to increase. It regularly involves hosting arrangement, setting up of the database which is followed by downloading of the platform to ones computer. It is after this that one then uploads it through ftp to ones web hosting server. Good tutorials are available for most platforms to help in the process of setting it up but despite this, it is a daunting task for many people. If this is too much of a problem, one could look for a webhost that cam install ones blog platform for them. It is very common these days some platforms will recommend hosts that will install the blogs for them.

• Tough a blog platform may be free, but one needs to remember and take into consideration the maintenance fees. The domain name has to be paid for at first there is a registration fee and after that a yearly fee is applicable. It however is not very expensive and there are plenty of good deals. The more traffic that a blog experiences, the more the costs and hence if ones blog has too much traffic, one could opt for a plan that is more expensive and professional.

• Overtime, blogs go through different versions and so if one is not sure of how to update it gets very complicated.
Blog platforms that are Stand alone are the ideal if one wants to have more control and be more flexible in their blogging. Stand alone platforms can be modified to have a look that is professional and run as so. Only ones imagination can limit the configurations. If one is not a professional or does not know how to modify the sites, one can seek the help of a professional to avoid having stand alone blogs that are not professional and that look very messy. There is a wide range of blogs that one can look at which are stand alone blogs such as those on feedster.

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