Technology Here's A Guide On Ways To Create A Backup Of Your IP Cameras To Cloud

Published on January 31st, 2017 | by Ryan


Here’s A Guide On Ways To Create A Backup Of Your IP Cameras To Cloud

IP security cameras have grown in demand over the last few years. From professional grade IP cameras to consumer grade ones, market has a range of variety. Technology is becoming easier to use and therefore more number of people are investing in cameras for watching their loved ones and property.

Also, use of CCTV system by businessman has increased drastically. Such a practice lets them keep an eye on what’s going on in their facility. However, there’s an important question that pops up while talking about cameras and that’s how secure it is to keep a camera and how to avoid its access to hackers. In case your camera falls in hands of wrong people, there are chances of them taking advantage of your DVR system.

In case something like this happens, there are lesser chances with you to prove who’s guilty. In such a case, it’s better to keep a backup of your camera, as the saying goes on ‘precaution is better than the cure’.

The best thing that you can do here is to create a backup of your IP camera at cloud based storage. Keeping it this way, you’ll be able to use your data backup anytime and anywhere. This guide will tell you about some of the cloud spaces that you can use for keeping your camera’s backup.

Some Cloud Space Service Providers

  • Drop Cam: This cloud space provider gives you full integration for having an end to end solution for your home and business. After paying a certain amount of money, you can get a wireless IP security camera that you can use anywhere.
    • This is basically a cloud based video storage that can help you to save videos up to seven days. In case you want, you can get a demo review of this by having a look at HD publicity webcam.  You can check the DVR functions of public cameras as well.
  • Mangocam: It is an Australian company that offers cloud based storage for storing IP camera footage. One of the best things about Mangocam is that it comes with a free option, which lets you store up to 3 Gigabytes footage. Also, it will allow you to fix up a schedule for recording the days and hours you want.

This service supports most of the cameras. Paid option of this service starts for something around $50 annually. It offers some additional features like multiple cameras, motion detected event recording, footage download, seven day video retention time via SMS alerts, ZIP files and much more.

The most expensive plan which this service provider offers is for something around $140. In this plan, you can capture monthly footage having storage up to 50 GB.

However, the key concern with both of these plans is that these rely on the user’s internet connection which can create failures at times. This is the reason why most of the people are looking for Hikvision CCTV cameras as they come with in-built SD card storage, which keeps on recording videos even when server connection is unavailable.

Conclusion: Hope this guide will tell you about ways for securing your IP cameras.

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