SEO How Can I Write SEO Optimized Articles?

Published on October 16th, 2017 | by Denis L


How Can I Write SEO Optimized Articles?

Article writing services of any kind have one major thing in common, which is content. Quality content is the number one way to get your website rank highly on search engines. Articles are not for the bots on the web, but for people. So here is how to make sure people see your articles and your website.

An article or blog writing service is nothing complicated. Almost anybody with a subject in mind can write on it. But how do you make that article build and reach an audience? How do you make it attract visitors to your site? Does it do anything to aid in adding traffic to your website? If it is SEO friendly, it certainly will.

An article that is not optimized will have a limited audience and sometimes a poorly optimized article will do your website or blog writing service more harm than good. When audiences read a poorly written article that is directly linked to your website and puts it in a negative light. Content has to be your number one priority. And it is easy. Don’t get discouraged.

About content

Ensure your content is relevant to your website or services offered by it. This means adequately sprinkled with keywords but not too full of them in a forced manner. Keep it natural. Remember that you are not writing for the search engines but for the audience. This is the biggest mistake you might make. Search engines are tools for your audience and not the other way around. Next ensure your article writing service prioritizes content that is valuable. Having many keywords but pointless, unreadable content will do you no good. A good article will be recommended and will be shared on the social media. You want your articles shared and recommended, which will bring traffic to your website.

Keyword distribution is where it gets tricky. See, an article with keywords forced in will not appeal to the readers. An article with constantly repeated phrases will also seem off to audiences. What you should do is make the keywords look as natural as possible. List them or use the keywords provided to you and find ways to make them flow through the article as easily as possible. (Check Killer content writers for better understanding of the same.)

Make titles captivating

A reader decides whether to read your article or ignore it by simply looking at the title. Make it catchy and if you can, have a keyword in it at the very beginning. This will not always be possible so again, do not force it. A keyword, however, will scream relevance to the readers and get them to at least peruse it.

Be original

There is nothing new under the sun, they say. Yet in an SEO or blog writing service, simply lifting paragraphs off another article is practically sinful. Not only will readers not want to read something they may have already seen before, but it will also reflect quite poorly on your website. They will choose to ignore your articles and links. Research and get ideas from other articles and sites but ensure to express them in a unique manner.

Be unique. Use your own particular voice that will keep the reader hooked. Stay away from jargon and keep it simple for the reader. Again, articles are for humans and humans like interesting stuff. Your skill is measured in how interested readers are in going through your content. So at all times take note of your audience and write articles or blog posts that resonate with them. It is like a conversation, but with bots watching.


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