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How is Uno Euro Different from Other Web Hosting Companies?

UnoEuro is a web hosting company that started in 2004 in Denmark. At that point of time, it was a daunting task to find a stable hosting partner at a reasonable cost. This Scandinavian provider was among the very early web hosting companies that broke this barrier and put their best foot forward in showing that they believed in bringing low-cost services to their customers. This did not translate into any compromise on the quality aspect. They have always striven to simplify web hosting and have done a much more efficient job at it compared to other web hosting companies keeping customers’ interests a top priority. They want to satisfy the customers’ web hosting needs as best as they can.

All UnoEuro servers are positioned in a very secure data center at Denmark. No wonder they are able to bring you some of the speediest, safest and unbelievably stable hosting solutions across the industry. With the datacenters maintained by a very effective setup of cooling, as well as emergency power system, custom and prudently picked hardware plus a state-of-the-art network infrastructure, UnoEuro is no doubt all set to become the leader in web hosting globally. UnoEuro also happens to be a Microsoft Gold Hosting Partner and thus they boast of serving you the most cutting-edge ASP/ASP.NET hosting based on Windows 2008 servers. They also have PHP hosting on optimized Linux Servers – both to ensure their customers that they offer nothing but the best hosting experience possible.

In recent times, a supplier of email and collaboration software for a cloud provider mentioned that they had gotten into an agreement with UnoEuro. By means of this deal, UnoEuro has now become one of the most advantageous web hosting companies worldwide. This change has fused and substituted its existing webmail services with this email supplier. At zero cost, UnoEuro customers have gained the benefit of sophisticated and very user-friendly integrated email as well as calendar and contact management. You can now utilize this cloud-based application with any regular web browser on a personal computer, iPad or even a smartphone. Not only that, UnoEuro customers now effortlessly upgrade from webmail to benefit from mobility support and front-line alliance features. Personal acquaintances from social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be added to this new address book making those contacts immediately accessible on any device.

Customers of UnoEuro’s standard hosting packages are now enabled to test-drive and upgrade to fabulous features. These would include state-of-the-art mobility solutions such as those on the iPhone and Android smartphones. This reiterates UnoEuro’s philosophy that great quality services need not be either complex or cost you your lifetime savings. Thus, now UnoEuro customers are gaining the added advantages of working with cloud-based email, calendars and address book management. They have to pay nothing extra towards this! Customers also get to use advanced mobility support and teamwork features anytime they wish to, at a very competitive price. The search for the best web hosting (interesting to know is that the Danish term is webhotel) company ends here!

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